Best Computerized Test Cairo Near Me

1. TestPRO for Software Testing Services

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TestPRO for Software Testing Services
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Address: 3 Ahmed El-Sayfy Street First Floor, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Sun

Telephone: +20 2 26720018

Business type: Software company

TestPRO for Software Testing Services: what do users think?
TestPRO for Software Testing Services
TestPRO for Software Testing Services: TestPRO is an Egyptian company founded in 2012 and headquartered in Nasr City, Cairo. TestPRO specialized in providing Software Testing services for corporates and individuals.

2. IDP Education & IELTS Testing - Cairo

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IDP Education & IELTS Testing - Cairo
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Address: Omar Bekir St off, 31 Othman Ibn Affan, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Sun

Telephone: +20 2 27744308

Business type: Educational consultant

IDP Education & IELTS Testing - Cairo: what do users think?
yasir suliman
yasir suliman: Thanks IDP - IELTS Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
Nada Fathi Ali
Nada Fathi Ali: Great test center, everyone is super friendly and helpful.The place is super clean and sanitary
Marwan Essam
Marwan Essam: A clean and not crowded venue with friendly staff.
Rawan Almahdi
Rawan Almahdi: Absolutely horrible experience. This place is supposed to be global! When I reserved my seat, I went and they told me that there were no places and that there was a glitch in the system, but there wasn’t .It was a problem from the coordinators themselves! The appointment was pushed back too late, and they made no exceptions, even though the problem was on their side.*This happened in IDP IELTS -Heliopolis
Yossr Yasser
Yossr Yasser: I had my exam on the 25th and 26th of November. I believe the best part of my experience was the 20-hour course with Dr. Yahya Gamal. It was rich and informative. However, I would like to express my distress regarding the speaking test on the 25th Nov. as my examiner, Mr. Rami, in the IDP Heliopolis branch gave me facial expression from the very beginning of the test. He showed expression of mocking, and sometimes disagreement on what I was saying. At the end of part 3 he asked me "Do you think that your friends would agree on what you are saying?" I believe that he should have been neutral from the beginning as he added much stress and anxiety through the test.Another distress I experienced during the test was on the next day 26th Nov in Hilton, Lily Hall. During the writing test, the timer on board stopped at "8 minutes." I heard one of the invigilators telling her colleague that the timer "froze", so I asked her how many minutes were left? She told me "2 minutes." Here, we all wondered how, and I personally was under more stress to write faster as we were busy writing and could not see that the timer froze. To us, it was "8 minutes" left. The head of the invigilators told us to move on writing and then after a few minutes she told us "Time is up. pencils down". This was totally unprofessional. The exam itself is stressful, therefore examiners and invigilators should not add more tension that definitely has its negative impact on our performance.
أحمد يونس
أحمد يونس: I would like to thank all the staff at IDP Heliopolis, they were very kind and tasteful, and this relieved some of the pressure.. It was a nice experience honestly
Jasser Alaa
Jasser Alaa: Nice & flexible
Fady Fakhry
Fady Fakhry: She is 10 . More than professional
Carol Magdy
Carol Magdy: Team was cooperative and friendly. Everything is punctual and customer service is always available through the phone and email. Center is clean, accessible and it was a great experience overall.
Mahmoud Selim
Mahmoud Selim: Great experience. All staff was helpful and all the procedures went smoothly. I highly recommend any IELTS candidate to consider Idp centers when he books the test.
Mohamed alaa
Mohamed alaa: Very good place and the staff is very helpful
Hussien Heikal
Hussien Heikal: Very organised procedure, EG005 center had a quite helpful staff.
walid Samir
walid Samir: Better than British councilUnfortunately, the result can be seen after more than 16 days
Yaseen Mohammed
Yaseen Mohammed: The staff out there were professional except for the oral examiner who was barely smiling. I had the test before and I really had quite good experienceAll in all, I got the score that I want anyway.
Omar Shalaby
Omar Shalaby: Very easy going and understands everything she does. She makes sure everything gets done correctly and as fast as possible.
Mohammed Bassem
Mohammed Bassem: It was fun experience
adam saleh
adam saleh: Fantastic
aly ashraf
aly ashraf: Great
eman amish
eman amish: worst experience ever concerning the,working group, courier service and communicationVery not recommended
Hoor Amr Eldesouky
Hoor Amr Eldesouky: The crew was very friendly
AbdelRhman Mouneer
AbdelRhman Mouneer: I have a complaint as the headset does not work well and I did not understand what I will hear because of the headset

3. Arab Engineers for Engineering Services

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Arab Engineers for Engineering Services
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Address: 113 El-Thawra St, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 9AM Sun

Telephone: +20 2 26900890

Business type: Measuring instruments supplier

Arab Engineers for Engineering Services: what do users think?
Maher Ghattas
Maher Ghattas: very good
eman Amin
eman Amin: Best quality,Wide range, Fast delivery time ,Best sales team &good in after sales support
Dina Mohammed
Dina Mohammed: High quality and good service Thanks Arab Engineers 😍
reham nasr
reham nasr: Happy to find such stores at EgyptThanks
Marwa Medhat
Marwa Medhat: wide product range and best quality
verna car
verna car: Never respond to email or phone
bilal homs
bilal homs: Beautiful

4. MUST Test Centres

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17 reviews
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MUST Test Centres
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Address: Soaad Kafafi St, First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Telephone: +20 100 677 6004

Business type: Education Centre

MUST Test Centres: what do users think?
Omar Adel
Omar Adel: I was denied access to my exam due to difference in last name (since in Egypt we use the second name), I understand that this rule might be coming from outside, however I have a couple of colleagues who did the same exam at different centers on the same day with different last names and they had their exam fine without issues.
ibrahim mohammed
ibrahim mohammed: The employee in charge of the place, the way she treated her is very bad and she spoke in a manner of lack of taste, and when I entered the exam and started the exam, she sat telling me, lower your voice, and I was examining, although my voice was out of my mind, but I did not mean to raise my voice, but it was my voice like that, and she sat talking to me while I was in the middle of the exam . You could have acted in a professional manner, and even better, if she had said before we started the exam.
Mohamed Zakariya
Mohamed Zakariya: A lot of negative comments and I have a test in the same place tomorrow morning, may God help
Ethar Sabry El-Malah
Ethar Sabry El-Malah: All phone numbers are busy or not collected all the time!!! And the fb does not respondHow can I continue!!!
LORD LEDO: Good place ... comfortable
Eng Shehab
Eng Shehab: PMPRMP
ahmed ahmed
ahmed ahmed: Ahmad
anwar alsaid
anwar alsaid: There are not enough distractionsIn addition to the weakness of employees in giving sufficient information about the same employees, we do not find us dealing with others
Nesreen Mohamed
Nesreen Mohamed: The treatment is very bad

5. Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo

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664 reviews
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Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo
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Address: 5 Tawfik Diab St, Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11451, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Sun

Telephone: +20 2 27973300

Business type: Embassy

Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo: what do users think?
Morad Mahmod
Morad Mahmod: Perfect
Dr. Clifford Feltner
Dr. Clifford Feltner: The location was hard to find. The service was great and helpful.
فرج رشوان
فرج رشوان: Good
Salim Faysal
Salim Faysal: I'm a US citizen & my mom is in Egypt I try to bring her here to visit me my wife & my kids she went there today for enterveiw they ask here 1 question no more & they Refuse here why is that they didn't even ask here why you going there so I think this embassy not doing a good job I hope I will got answer?
محمد المقطري
محمد المقطري: Excellent
Arshad Milad
Arshad Milad: The process was so smooth. We reached 90 mnts before the interview time. We reached at interview desk by 945 and were free in 5 mnts. all staff was very supportive and they were managing the crowd very well. Great experience.
samir abbas
samir abbas: Good service, but I want to know if I have the right to submit an appointment reservation after it was previously refused
Hanafy Fouly
Hanafy Fouly: I understand the need for US citizens and consulate to be protected. the whole neighborhood is secured for protection of US consulate and its working citizens. When a US citizen in foreign country asked them for help or protection, then no help or protection without reason. The US passport has statement that the bearers should provide the passport for aid and help. The US citizen services do not provide what is written in passport papers. I do not understand!!!
MOHAMED HASSAN: STAFF DONOT KNOW THE LAWMy Family were selected for a DV lottery and they did not think that my sister does not have a right to enter the interview however her paperwork were sent from KCC. I do not understand what kind of Training the US embassy staff training get but something needs to be done with the department of State. I changed the interview location to a different embassy outside Egypt.
ha77an shalaby
ha77an shalaby: Honestly, everything goes inside the embassy in a clockwise manner, exactly. Everyone knows a story inside the embassy, ​​and the fullest is eliminated.
mohd shalaby
mohd shalaby: تشديدات امنيه مبالغه
نهي هاشم البوب
نهي هاشم البوب: Yes1
Ahmed: They have an excellent transaction ✨️👍
الراهب اغناطيوس انبا بيشوي
الراهب اغناطيوس انبا بيشوي: Very beautiful and well organized
اسامه عبدالرحمن
اسامه عبدالرحمن: Somewhat useful new experience
hussam Gamal
hussam Gamal: 😒
Moataz Refaat
Moataz Refaat: Great
Summer’s Channel قناتي
Summer’s Channel قناتي: The quality of providing assistance to US citizens in Egypt has gone downhill post-covid. The pandemic is officially over, yet, the embassy is still conducting business as if we are still in lock-downs! No walk-ins appointments allowed, online appointments available for only few days a month and ofc are fully booked for months ahead. Even the website is super crashy n keeps redirecting me back to home page. The one-star review is for having a working phone number and a live representative that actually answers (although super rushy).
Mahmoud Ramadan
Mahmoud Ramadan: Great interview and deal professionallywithout affectation
Mohamed Hamza
Mohamed Hamza: A provocative woman refuses simply for refusal, in a manner that lacks tact and tact, as the other window is set for favoritism and middlemen.
ورنس المايسترو
ورنس المايسترو: A bad embassy, ​​and it has a fraud in a professional way. You pay the American government money, and the ghoulish old employee comes and refuses the treatment in less than ten seconds.4 months of treatment for this interview. The least I did was open the file and see my papers.What a disrespectI have admission to the university. I have a bank statement of 700,000 Saudi pounds, equivalent to 6 million pounds. I have a letter guaranteeing a university degree.I asked the old female employee. I told her why the refusal. Can you explain? She said, “Goodbye.” Ok, can you explain, bye, and give you a patch. You have no right to appeal the decision, but you can pay a second time, hahaha, and the lying American embassy returns and rejects you. God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

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