Best Clinics Prp Platelet Rich Plasma In Cairo Near Me

1. Gizele clinic

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Gizele clinic
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Address: 11211, 35 Abou Al Fada, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 101 216 6616

Business type: Plastic surgery clinic

Gizele clinic: what do users think?
Hanan Ghazaly: The best clinic ever, from sterilization, reception to the professionalism of doctors , they care about everything، such as medical history which is very important to give the right diagnosis , finally laser and Peeling were so safe unlike other places where I got burns
Hoda Kemo: One of the best clinics that I dealt with is Dr. Marwa, Dr. Shaima and Dr. Abdullah. The best service and the best treatment at the top of respect and tasteThis is, except that the place has all the modern devices, and they are the doctors, they don't change 😍😍
Nana Galal: A very excellent experience from laser, peeling, and also Chinese needles, all of them were very, very excellent experiences, and the doctors are excellent ❤️❤️❤️
shaima elbanna: Perfect jawline I have got.High quality with amazing result but expensive 🤣😘
Fatma: A very good place and I would advise anyone to go
Kimberly Zilly: Best hair removal in Cairo! The staff and the doctor were both really nice and kind. Very much recommended. Excellent place 👍🏼
hani elgawly: Very very bad service, & all stuff with doctor not professional at all and I got very bad results with some mistakes and now clinic refused to retune back my money, and now my lawyer will escalate and report this to the legal Court & ministry of health
sarahenany: A wonderful clinic, lovely doctors & assistants. I love their work. I highly recommend their excellent service.
Kali Womb: They are so kind, efficient and friendly. Such a great service.Highly recommend
Marwa Akram: I tried laser hair removal, and it was really excellent. Thank you for your service
Febrie Lisaaa: I had laser here n the laser made my skin black and got burn so bad. But the doctor responsible about it n give me free treatment. But thanks no more for me lol
Mady H.: Was a great experience with them. Doctor is very professional, got my laser hair removal done in only 6 sessions with excellent results. Even my Mom was happy when doing few things on her face .The girls in the reception are super friendly, usually booked the same date as I want. No hassle at all
Reem Hisham: Avoid!! They severely burnt my skin while doing laser hair removal, I am now suffering to recover for months.تجنب!! لقد أحرقوا بشرتي بشدة أثناء إجراء إزالة الشعر بالليزر ، وأنا الآن أعاني من التعافي لعدة أشهر.
Amal Nasser: أشكر جداً الدكتورة مروى على شغلها الاكثر من رائع .انا انصح فيها وبشدة فنااااانه في البوتكس وروحها جميلة ..واشكر البنات اللي في الاستقبال على تعاملهم الطيب وهذا الشيئ مش غريب على اخواننا المصريين .شكرا للجميع من القلب وبإذن الله لي عودة مره اخرى
jojo joja: مفيش امانة طبية
Sarah Hamdy: Great place! Professional and experienced doctors as well as the friendly staff.The clinic is clean and well equipped. Excellent service, safe and caring doctors.I highly recommend their services.
Mohamed Magdy: Professional,Good analysis of the problem (face problem)Expert eye for identification of other problems that improve and harmonize the end resultGood consultation,Good planExcellent results
Batool Talya Khaled: Excellent clinic expert doctors clean place and great stuff I loved the place had a great time and happy with my results ❤️❤️❤️
amany moussa: احسن دكاترة تجميل في العالم و ناس فعلاً تشخص مظبوط و تحط لك خطة تجميلية مظبوطة و بتعمل شغل مش مصطنع و شغل حقيقي و خصوصاً دكتورة شيماء الخولي و دكتور عبد الله الخولي و اكيد هجيلهم تاني
OTB OTB: Their prices are very high, they do not have credibility in the prices
Mira Agieb: Very good and clean place, friendly doctors and secretaryVery good experience

2. DHI Egypt

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DHI Egypt
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Address: 26 Syria, St, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 9:00 PM

Telephone: +20 122 778 2335

Business type: Hair transplantation clinic

DHI Egypt: what do users think?
Jad: A bunch of scammers the manager in the reception area is extremely rude the doctor is old with shaky hands thy Dont listen to any of you're concerns and are bunch of criminal I have filed a complaint against them in the embassy a matter of time before they get their licence revoked Run away!!! Losing you're money is a guarantee and what's more important is you're health.
Ammar Alruhaimi: Scam- they asked for 7500 USD which 3 X times expensive than average DHI in other centers.Do not waste your time
Hesham Adel: Professiinals, well organized, and so helpful
Hamza El Kholy: Very professional clinic
Yansa Valdes: the best hair implant center in egypt with the latest technology, all excellent and professional, everything is of a high level, due to my economic situation I cannot have surgery but they are really worth it
Hashim Rasheed: Extremely professional from the start of the process and the results exceeded expectations.
Hussein Badawi: Life changing experience! Professional people from admin to the Doctors. It’s a scary thing to do, but don’t worry you’re in safe hands 🙌
Ahmed Mahmoud: Excellent
Youssef Katamish: Very professional! The doctor was clear and the clinic followed up to made sure I had everything I needed
michael nassif: The staff were really friendly and professional. Very clean and organized. I highly recommend them.
Youssef Hani: Great clinic, professional and delivered great results!
samir saad: مكان محترف جداااااا و الناس كمان شطرين و على كفاه عليه و بجد كل حاجه كانت فى منتهى الاحترفيه شكرا جداا
Muhammed Saber: DHI is the best hair restoration center in Egypt, highly recommended
Adham Oraby: The clinic is clean and professional.Front desk is more than amazing in terms ofscheduling and appointments and providing the right info.Clinic Doctors are professional and have the latest equipment.Operation and Recovery are fast.Their care and Follow up is worth every penny you pay.
Fernanda Lustosa: Don't go there, it is a SCAM! They are the worst clinic I've ever seen, only interested in your money, not you, truly disgusting. They use the name of an international brand but they do not follow any of the principles they say they do. The doctor could not care less and they don't give you the chance to see someone else nor show empathy in listening to your concerns. There is no follow up and you feel like you are begging to have answers otherwise the doctor does not engage with you. They charge from 75% to 100% more, from consultation to treatments, than most of the doctors who offer the same (I researched and strongly recommend you do the same), including the one I sought after giving up on them, who by far was much better, professional, human, and resolved my problem in a third of the time and money I spent in this horrible place. Wish I could give 0 stars.
Fady michael: Worst hair clinic I have ever been to. Very poor results, overpriced, and very rude manager. They try to take your money in anyway possible.
Yousef Osman: They are very rude and pushy. They only care about your money and not about your health & comfort
swaline ehab: from the perfect clinics, very clean place, great results after the .operations and have solutions for any problem
Miller Hanany: Very professional customer treatment wz excellent technology in a world class clinic.. Happy to deal with u dhi family
donna edward: One of the best clinics, very clean place and very professional stuff

3. Moawad Skin Institute

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Moawad Skin Institute
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Address: 3 Talaat Harb Square, Kasr Al Nile, Egypt

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 12PM Tue

Telephone: +20 2 23901616

Business type: Plastic surgery clinic

Moawad Skin Institute: what do users think?
Mariam Abdallah: Our family has been dealing with Dr. Moawaad and his team for years and they have always been experts at what they do. In February, I went to do Vaser-lipo for thighs (inner and outer). For years, it has always been a problem for me, and diet and exercise weren’t enough. For reference, I have an upper body size of 36-38 and a lower body size of 40-42 so the size of my thighs was very disproportionate.The staff was very welcoming and kind, always asking us if we needed anything during the day of the procedure. The procedure went very smoothly, and I was able to get up and walk out of the building right after it. I put on a pressure garment right 2 days after the procedure and wore it for about a month.I am now only 2.5 months post-surgery and the results have been incredible!!!. The excess fat in my inner and outer thighs is completely gone! and the swelling has completely disappeared. Most importantly, there are no weird dimples or protrusions, and the loose skin in my inner thighs has completely tightened. Dr. Mowaad did a phenomenal job with reshaping my thighs and with making sure that the proportions of my lower body align with my upper body. My lower body is now a size 38 (maybe even a bit less), and they look completely normal, you really wouldn’t tell that I did any procedure!.some Notes:- I am only 2.5 months post-procedure, but the full results kick in within 3-6 months.- 2 days after the procedure, you have to remove the bandages to wear the compression garment, you will notice a lot of swelling and dimples and protrusions…that is completely normal and goes away with time.- 4 weeks after the procedure, I started to do some light exercise. However recently, I started exercising heavily again without any problems.
Sarina Abdysheva: Highly recommended top professional service at Dr. Moawad clinic, which I have visited a number of times for different skin care procedures. The service is reliable, high quality and results are guaranteed. I am very happy to be its customer and would highly recommend to contact the clinic for consultations, skin care procedures.
saba ali: I am psychologically comfortable with you💙💙
H. Herzog: Dr. Moawad was highly recommended to me by a Swiss friend of mine about 14 years ago. Since then, I’ve been to his clinic many times for various procedures, I must say, he is the most efficient, experienced pleasant Doctor I’ve ever dealt with, on top of his profession, his staff is also very friendly and professional, his clinic is so hygienic and comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Moawad, my beauty maker, for any of the procedures that he covers. I am so lucky I’ve known him.Thank you professor Moawad.
Basem Ashry: As a plastic surgeon, I can fully recommend MSI center for anyone wanna do any aesthetic dermatology procedure. prof.dr.Osama is very professional doctor with really gifted hands & phenomenal results are guaranteed there. God bless you all there 🌹
Rayah Mash: The Moawad Skin Institute is wonderful! What a great experience from start to finish. Dr. Moawad is very talented and professional - taking the time to understand what each client really wants and suggesting the right procedure and appropriate treatment plan using advanced technologies and cutting edge techniques.Staff are friendly and kind, and the care does not stop at the door! With follow up care, you feel you are in good hands from the consultation all through recovery.If you happen to be in Cairo and are looking to rejuvenate yourself while making sure you're in safe hands - Dr. Moawad's institute is the place to go. Thank you so much to everyone and helping me achieve the look and feel I was going for!
hassan mohsen: I am going myself, frankly, because I have a problem, but I am afraid of the costs
Fatma Esmat: Excellent center, excellent treatment, and doctors at the highest level
Diaa Esmail: Honestly, a great place, very respectable people, with a very high conscience and morals, and the professor is a leader in science and morals, and what does not suit me is that if I pay a million pounds, he will not do it, and also everyone who occupies the place is a leader in morals and respect, may God increase them and from success to success, God willing
Salam Barghouti: البروفيسور خبره عالميه عالية المستوى ومركز مجهز بأعلى وأحدث التقنيات مع اعلى مستوى من الخدمة
Elham Badr: خدمه ممتازة ومركز محترم والموظفين فى غايه الاحترام واللياقة البروفسور معوض قمه فى الاخلاق ومهارة عاليه فى العمل بارك الله فيكم
Mohamed Abdallah: مركز محترم جدا ودكتور خبر ة كبيرة ما شاء الله
Mohamed Hosny: ممتاز

4. Cairo Plastic Clinic

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47 reviews
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Cairo Plastic Clinic
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Address: 42 Al Dokki St, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate 12311, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 33385185

Business type: Plastic surgery clinic

Cairo Plastic Clinic: what do users think?
Hanan Bkhet: My small chest caused me a psychological crisis and caused me to break off my engagement. Dr. Adel understood my situation and performed a magical surgery to restore my self-confidence. Thanks to the doctor and the operating staff who work with him
Shiam Rashad: Dr Wilson is very skilled and professional surgeon. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you.
Eva Jesus: I am very happy with my new shape and symmetrical buttocks after the fat transfer surgery that was performed by Prof. Adel Wilson. Indeed, plastic surgery is an art and harmony. Thanks
nada mohmad: I was so frustrated by my large belly that it affected my social activity. Failed diets and exercise were depressing until I had my liposuction and tummy tuck with Dr Wilson. This changed my life and honestly, all those good reviews dont give him a fraction of the credit he deserves.
Monda Sherif: Three weeks after my face lift, I am thrilled with the result and everything has healed beautifully. Dr Wilson is a truly gifted surgeon and the results exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend.
Simon Abdo: I got tired of the shape of my nose until I met Dr. Adel, the honest artist. He is truly the best plastic surgeon in the world, and what I read about him does not give him part of his due.
Marina Bekheet: I am very happy with the surgery that corrected my tummy after 2previous failed surgeries. I strongly recommend and advise all patients to meet this amazing Doctor.
Nour Ahmed: Nobody ever does it better! Dr Wilson did an amazing job with my BBL! He is the best!
Rehab Hassan: I found Dr. Adel talented and a person in his work.. He reduced his fees to suit my financial condition.. It was a wonderful surgery that gave me back the strength that I missed after giving birth.. And I will always be grateful to him for this wonderful treatment
Ahmed Magdy: I had an exellent surgery with prof dr adel welson .. thanks to him i am much better now after repairing my nose deformaty .. every thing was perfect in his centre .. and thanks to all anaesthesia team i recover very well
Hanae Makel: After giving birth and breastfeeding several times, I was suffering from severe sagging and excessive obesity. In the first stage, Dr. Adel treated the upper half of the body. The result is amazing and I am waiting for the 3 feelings to perform the lower half surgery. Thank you, Dr. Professor Adel
Bsk Ota: I had a total body lift with Dr Wilson. The results are amazing and he removed all my wrinkled sagging skin . He did not put any drains and the wonderful thing is that the scars are almost invisible. VERY VERY GRATEFUL
Dena 0l Atef: I was confused about choosing a suitable plastic surgeon to remove the fat from my stomach until I found Dr. Adel honest, trustworthy and the right price. The surgery was painless and I was happy with my new shift.
ايرين بطرس بطرس: The best Doctor ever, very kind and very understanding and very courteous. His surgery was just perfect, not too much like what other Doctors do, yet just right. Thank you Sir
Gogo Mohamed: I had a full mommy makeover with Dr Wilson and he did an amazing job with every part he lifted and tightened. He is very punctual, honest, clever
Anosh Adel: I had the best surgery with Dr Wilson who restored my tummy and flanks, that were overhanging after 2 pregnancies. Surgery was almost painless and recoveryvery smooth. I was worried about infection from what I read but it was just perfect. Strongly reccomend. w
Laila Mohamed: An excellent doctor, a real professor, and an artist surgeon, I have never met someone like him. Thank you for my beautiful iron figure 🌹
Merna Samy: I researched many Doctors to solve my tummy fat problem... but was not satisfied until I met Dr Wilson. In one surgery, he used the most advanced Vaser machine to rid me in 1 hour of the fat I accumulated in 4 years. Amazing result and wonderful outcome. Thank you
Bassma Fadl: I got tired of looking for a cure for my problem, and I visited half of the plastic surgeons in Egypt, and I did not find a solution until I met Dr. Adel, who made the correct diagnosis and developed a treatment plan that cured me of an annoying problem. Thanks to him and his humanity and honesty in prescribing treatment.
Hany Khairy: Dr. Adel is one of the greatest plastic surgeons in Egypt. I did not find treatment and efficiency as I found with him
Mai Mahmoud: Dr. Adel, thank you very much. I could not imagine this beautiful result. Thank you

5. Inderm

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Address: 130 Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11311, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 101 977 7719

Business type: Dermatologist

Inderm: what do users think?
noura magdy: العياده بجد تحفه والمكان نظيف جدا وبشكر جدا الدكتورة ريهام لأنها بجد خلتني راضية عن شكلى وبشرتى وبنصح كل صحابى يعملوا كل حاجه حلوه بجد
Ramzi Gouda: Avoid this place for the following reasons:1) The woman in the reception does not have any communication skills and rude.2) They change prices without informing the clients before.3) they changed the package and increased the number of pulses to get the package.4) they changed prices without informing us and we noticed it after the session while paying.Replying on your feedback:I won't share the client's name for his/her privacy nor the session's date.However, the client was in a package and paying EGP 0.75 per pulse and she/he was surprised after the session that you increased the price to be EGP 1 per pulse without any previous announcement.
Julie Ash: Hello,I’d like to ask whether you have Botox or dysport at your clinic?
Manal Eldahan: The Best Skin clinic in town. Very Honest & Experienced doctors with very Professional staff. Highly recommended
Fadz: Repeating a review which the clinic has deleted.We visited this clinic based in its credentials on various review websites as one of the top 10 aesthetic clinics in Cairo.I visited for a consultation regarding Botox with Dr Reham. The Dr initially advised with fillers as well.Following the procedure, on the third day, I noticed that one side of my face swollen on side and that the Botox had greater effect on one side making me have asymmetrical face. I appreciate that this is sometimes the result and therefore called for a further consultation. My request for a secondary consultation was dismissed and the doctor was very rude with how she addressed my personality saying that I was a worrier and obsessive without addressing my concerns by seeing me again.I eventually insisted for another appointment as I was travelling and dr Reham gave me an appointment and left the clinic before I arrived (one hour before). All further correspondence was ignored and I was informed that all doctors in the clinic were busy in a symposium which I was certain was not true.I therefore had to go to another clinic - Dahab Clinic who appreciated my concerns and recognized that the results were in fact asymmetrical and that further action was required to correct this issue.My main concern was that this Dr was not able to appreciate that people read differently to Botox and fillers and that the results would manifest themselves over a few days and not instantly. Her disregard of my concerns for my explaining that she was experienced for 15years in this field was deeply concerning as I, a fellow doctor, appreciate that experience doesn’t account for anomalies and as a safe practitioner all concerns should be addressed. 15 years of experience and the doctor should therefore respect appointments, concerns and her patients.I was utterly disappointed by this whole experience and would suggest everyone to look elsewhere as the treatment you may have here may result in further expenses to correct it. Often, reviews for this clinic are fake and I would strongly recommend doing your research before approaching this clinic.Best of luck.An angry patient.

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