Best Citizen Attention Offices Cairo Near Me

International Organization for Migration Embassy of Australia Baker McKenzie Cairo Office Helmy Hamza & Partners TLScontact – Visa Application Centre Cairo Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo British Embassy Cairo

1. GIZ Country Office Egypt

· 34 reviews

4d Gezira St, Omar Al Khayam, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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GIZ Country Office Egypt: what do users think?
Tom: Sehr schön 🤩
Saada Isman: Ce très cool plus que Djibouti
Ahmed Reefat: Very beautiful, very beautiful, very wonderful
mohamed fahmy: Respected
moamen Abelraofe: Work from home. There are no employees in the company except by appointment
Ahmed Samir: Great
Hossam Sallam: Well organized
Mohamed Saeed: Good
hatem elabidy: One of the best development entities.
saeed Mohamed Mohamed abdelwah: Perfect place, please, and my work place, and there is no car park
saif emad: sweet
Ed Barney: Highly professional international development agency, only bettered globally by UK DFID
Mohamed Douso: Contracting company
محمد ابوعاصي: nonprofit organization
Reham Youssry Gabr: Great leaders
emad abdelrahman: Giz country office egypt
Mohamed Kamal: Nice Place
Youssef Saad: وكاله التعاون الالماني

2. International Organization for Migration



· 279 reviews

47C Abu el Feda, Street, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

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3. Embassy of Australia

· 110 reviews

World Trade Centre 11th Floor, 1191 Corniche El Nil, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Embassy of Australia: what do users think?
Foed Klil: Excellent
Yousif Abbass: Youssef Abbas from Sudan, the country is in a state of war and death, so please help
MOUSSA MAHAMAT ABDELKHADIR: Je suis tchadien je veux visa d' Australie
albihabibi: Telephone unanswered. A recorded message gives uncalled for information. A reflection of the arrogance of salaried governmen' quangos.
hany houssien: My beloved ♥️ Australia
eslam Gamal: Is there immigration to Australia now and conditions please
tadiyos mandefro: On the day 25th of January 2023, I went to visit Australian embassy roughly around 12:45pm, I am Australian citizen come to visit my mother and relatives, I took my cousin with me to ask information about the sponsorship I applied for her, received with impolite treatment by the security person with two ladies at door t, I ask if I can speak someone for 2 minutes but weren’t successful, I do understand I have to book appointment but it is impossible to book appointment neither they answer a call, I tried to tolerate the situation as much as I can but the fact that the security guy mistreated me and my cousin make me feel less Australian, I never felt that way when I live and work in Australia for over 11 years, my cousin and I spent so much time on the road and she asked if there is ladies room, the security person and his two co workers mocked her and lough at her right in front of me. I have never expected this from Australian embassy, I contacted the embassy through email for 4 days, they are unwilling to respond adequately , no return for my phone call even after they asked my phone number, I waited for their response but nothing so far. I decided to come to google reviews so that the public to know an Australian citizen, who have work pay tax like any other Australians, volunteered in so many communities and schools activities, disrespected, humiliated, ignored at Australian embassy with my family. I hope some one from Australian diplomatic community read my review and investigate the situation, it is shameful how refugees treated at the door of Australian embassy where it was possible to speak to fellow human beings with respect. Extremely disappointed
Ahmed Shony: They are the worst embassy to help the Australian people overseas. Kind of impossible to get a reach with them, no phone call, even by email, no response. I really don't know why they are open here or what they are doing.
Ayman Farouk: Nice experience
Karas Mkram Makram: How to get immigration to Australia
Solange Fangamou: Bonjour monsieur je me nomme Solange fangamou je suis guinéen vie en Egypte je suis intéressé par vos demandes je sollicite travailler en Australie et je veux connaître les procédures à suivre merci
Mostafa Abouahmed: an organized place
mohamed abdelrahim: What are the requirements for immigration to Australia?Financial Accountant
Husam Khateeb: We are family 15 person's want to live and work in and work in Australia..we speak ENGLISH Russian and Arabic language..we all working.
Roun Gat: Have nothing
Avocat Syd: The staff is asphalt
محمد المصرى: عايز اعرف اية المطلوب للهجره أنا والاسره لو سمحت الرد فى القريب العاجل الوظيفه كهربائي سليسيون
sayed touni: Was closed due to Covid-19
احمد حسن: ان عاوز اعرف تريقت الهجرة اللي استرليا ان عمري 17سنه
Ed Barney: They do a lovely barbecue, plenty of shrimp, amble tasteless golden beer and all provided with a brash, direct sense of customer service.
George Amir: Not a bad experience.

4. Baker McKenzie Cairo Office Helmy Hamza & Partners

· 32 reviews

36CH+X89 Nile City Building, North Tower 21st Floor 2005C, Cornich El Nil Ramlet, Bulaq, Cairo Governorate 11221, Egypt

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Baker McKenzie Cairo Office Helmy Hamza & Partners: what do users think?
Mahmmoud Elmehalawy: The very descent professional place ever
Mostafa Hamdi: One of the largest companies in the Middle East
Tamer Ali: غير جيد
Ahmed Anwar: Very elegant
Hossam Hassan: Very excellent services
Mohamed Elhadary: ok place
Hesham mohammed: The largest law firm in the Middle East
عطيه السيد: Great for all of his products
Ahmed Elsamahy: A perfect international law firm

5. TLScontact – Visa Application Centre Cairo

· 3290 reviews

Infinity Tower, 4th & 5th floor, 8 El-Mohandes Mohammed Hasan Helmy, St، Egypt

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TLScontact – Visa Application Centre Cairo: what do users think?
Abdallah Sadaawi: I need to know how to pay cash or visaOr in euros
Defao Omar: I have had one of the worst service. A girl from counter 4 filled my application form and putted the information as she wanted ! Gave me a title of medical professional as my current occupation 😔 I wonder why she did this and why she couldn’t ask me all she did was please sign here and stupidly I signed without checking and saw all this while at home by e mail. She wrote wrongly where intent to stay and where I currently live.The information she dismissed the information in my application form.I wonder why if u don’t know something u can’t ask, poor service
Fred Ngenzi: Fast and efficient. Your security guy is commendable
Christophe Nteziryayo: You provide services to your customer at very high speed and with warm Hospitality.Thank You. Christophe
Sherif Mahmoud: Regarding the staff specialized in applying for the England visa, they were at the top of taste and cooperation, as well as the security personnel
Kareem Gohar: Thanks for the TLS Team IN UK department
Ahmed Azzam: I need to add a document to my folder and no one is helping me!
fady emad: Perfect with my best regards
ehab matta: It's good if I get the rest of my money back because I paid 800 pounds
Mohamed Farid: The girl who took my documentations was annoyed from my questions and also was hurry, I don't why? she should do her job professionally.I've applied many times for many countries before through VFS, or even for UK visa through TLS many times (BTW, I've got the visa all the times), I never met employee with this attitude!!
Mostafa Mahmoud: The white bald security employee who receives visitors must be polite, a very provocative person
Muhammed Ahmed: well organized, simple and elegant place
Abdelrehim Moahamed: Friendly staff , good preparationbut you have to inform the applicant about the the meeting rules as (no cell phone allowed) by any means .
Tarek Ali: Peace be upon you. I applied for a France visa from March 15, and until now, there has been no response, knowing that I am married to a French woman, and my papers are complete. Please advise
ASIIMWE M Herbert: Excellent Job
Kirsty Ettershank: I have been through a lot of visa applications and this was by far the best experience. Jelena and Josip were extremely friendly and efficient and helped me where I had a small error in my application. I wish all visa centres were as great as this, it would have saved me a lot of stress in my life.
Pilot Seleam: The bearded guy on the reception is horrible, cold , ill mannered, I recommend a bunch of different CS courses must be invested on him.The rest was flawless! the security is outstanding.. courier is below average in terms of time management. the agent was surprisingly sssllooww!
Heba Samir: المدير والاخديت مني الطلب قمه في الزوق اما البنت الفي الاستعلامات الفي الدور الخامس قليله الزوق جدااا
Brian Jjuuko: Amazing people there. Friendly and efficient staff.
Sibomana JMV: Service is very quick i only spend 20 minutes in progress congratulations

6. Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo

· 664 reviews

5 Tawfik Diab St, Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11451, Egypt

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Embassy Of The United States Of America, Cairo: what do users think?
Morad Mahmod: Perfect
Dr. Clifford Feltner: The location was hard to find. The service was great and helpful.
Salim Faysal: I'm a US citizen & my mom is in Egypt I try to bring her here to visit me my wife & my kids she went there today for enterveiw they ask here 1 question no more & they Refuse here why is that they didn't even ask here why you going there so I think this embassy not doing a good job I hope I will got answer?
Arshad Milad: The process was so smooth. We reached 90 mnts before the interview time. We reached at interview desk by 945 and were free in 5 mnts. all staff was very supportive and they were managing the crowd very well. Great experience.
samir abbas: Good service, but I want to know if I have the right to submit an appointment reservation after it was previously refused
Hanafy Fouly: I understand the need for US citizens and consulate to be protected. the whole neighborhood is secured for protection of US consulate and its working citizens. When a US citizen in foreign country asked them for help or protection, then no help or protection without reason. The US passport has statement that the bearers should provide the passport for aid and help. The US citizen services do not provide what is written in passport papers. I do not understand!!!
MOHAMED HASSAN: STAFF DONOT KNOW THE LAWMy Family were selected for a DV lottery and they did not think that my sister does not have a right to enter the interview however her paperwork were sent from KCC. I do not understand what kind of Training the US embassy staff training get but something needs to be done with the department of State. I changed the interview location to a different embassy outside Egypt.
ha77an shalaby: Honestly, everything goes inside the embassy in a clockwise manner, exactly. Everyone knows a story inside the embassy, ​​and the fullest is eliminated.
mohd shalaby: تشديدات امنيه مبالغه
نهي هاشم البوب: Yes1
Ahmed: They have an excellent transaction ✨️👍
الراهب اغناطيوس انبا بيشوي: Very beautiful and well organized
اسامه عبدالرحمن: Somewhat useful new experience
hussam Gamal: 😒
Summer’s Channel قناتي: The quality of providing assistance to US citizens in Egypt has gone downhill post-covid. The pandemic is officially over, yet, the embassy is still conducting business as if we are still in lock-downs! No walk-ins appointments allowed, online appointments available for only few days a month and ofc are fully booked for months ahead. Even the website is super crashy n keeps redirecting me back to home page. The one-star review is for having a working phone number and a live representative that actually answers (although super rushy).
Mahmoud Ramadan: Great interview and deal professionallywithout affectation
Mohamed Hamza: A provocative woman refuses simply for refusal, in a manner that lacks tact and tact, as the other window is set for favoritism and middlemen.
ورنس المايسترو: A bad embassy, ​​and it has a fraud in a professional way. You pay the American government money, and the ghoulish old employee comes and refuses the treatment in less than ten seconds.4 months of treatment for this interview. The least I did was open the file and see my papers.What a disrespectI have admission to the university. I have a bank statement of 700,000 Saudi pounds, equivalent to 6 million pounds. I have a letter guaranteeing a university degree.I asked the old female employee. I told her why the refusal. Can you explain? She said, “Goodbye.” Ok, can you explain, bye, and give you a patch. You have no right to appeal the decision, but you can pay a second time, hahaha, and the lying American embassy returns and rejects you. God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs.

7. British Embassy Cairo

· 148 reviews

7 Ahmed Ragheb, Qasr Ad Dobarah, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11451, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
British Embassy Cairo: what do users think?
Ahmed Bond: One of the best foreign embassies in Egypt
Youssef George: Good experience
stavros Giannaros: SYSTEM IS FLAWED!."if you need to get home in a hurry and need an ETD, please make sure all of your travel is arranged before applying for your ETD". Buys ticket a week in advance, having spent the last of his money.Im sorry, the embassy cannot fit you in until 5 days AFTER your plane is supposed to leave. Please pay another 100 pounds for an ETD, and buy new tickets..I've got a great idea to make life more efficient. How about you give us the document before we spend an absolute fortune on what will be wasted paper!?. System is useless. Mind you the British government done it to me in Warsaw about 8 years back. Just left me to rot on the streets of Warsaw, 3000 miles from home, broke, homeless in Polands capital. i guess i should not be surprised by this today!
Imran Mansour: The street is closed with many guards, why all this fuss?!!!!
Helen Miladi: 1 star is too many. Evil, nasty people. Playing games with people's lives. Do not rely on this Embassy if you need any help or your basic human right to marriage. My Son will never have his Daddy now because of them. "We will not see you or respond to any emails anymore" quote Verina
Khaled Sabbah: Wonderful,, The Ambassador's house is also more than wonderful,, Attending an event in the garden of the Ambassador's house to sign a partnership contract in the field of economy, with a very elegant dinner
Ibrahim abasi: The dirtiest lab in the vassal of the Arabs, in young Arabs who visited parts of the state of Egypt, the government is a process of tampering with a kaleidoscope in his life, and any papers lost and he ate his life while they are and the reason is a bribery cannon, so I object to tourism in Egypt?
Agnese Pētersone: They cancelled my appointment without explaining why.
Sceret Star: It is wonderful, beautiful, and a better place for psychological comfort. Its shape opens the heart. It is worth visiting it. Thank you
محمد صيام: عندي سؤال لو سمحت كنت عايز اعرف لو في ترد في السفاره باسمي من المملكه المتحده كنت عايز اعرف وصل ولا لا ارجو الافاده وشكرا جزيلا
Big Malaka: Amazing !
Sherif Mansour: Amazing and prime location in Garden City area, by the Nile,
Sherif Soliman: Find all posts by I don't hear anything
Rahela: My passport was held at passport control in Cairo Airport without explanation why. When I phoned British embassy I was told it won't be forever waiting. This post is not about British Embassy not sure how it come up, it is regarding passport control in Cairo
اسلام لوما: Speed ​​in obtaining visas
هاشم هاشم: I am from Yemen and I want to travel to the Netherlands for tourism, is it possible?
Asmaa El-Khatib: Authentic nice place
AHMED KAMEL (Abo Dalida): Council officer didn't even care about our inquiry
عصام بدوى: The embassy is located in a special place and there is ease in dealing and information by calling from the entrance gate
محمد حسن المهدى: Do you provide truck drivers?

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