Best Christmas Gifts For Companies In Cairo Near Me

1. Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch

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Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch
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Address: 14 Mohamed Abd El-Wahab St, Next To Tunisian Embassy Cairo, 11211, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Schedule: Opens at 9:30 AM

Telephone: +20 2 27361917

Business type: Jewelry store

Nomad Gallery - Zamalek Main Branch: what do users think?
Stefan Bishay
Stefan Bishay: Very impressive selection of high quality handicrafts. Mostly textiles, some pottery, and brass and silver jewelry. The people running the shop are extremely kind and helpful, and the prices fair. If you want some gifts or items for your home that are better than the usual tourist shop items this is the place to go!
Steve Martocci
Steve Martocci: Wow, Nomad was a pivotal stop to our trip. Not only is the collection of goods fantastic and well priced. The owner Mr. Alef is one of the kindest souls we’ve ever met. He recommended us trusted locations to visit (His cousin’s famous silver shop is a must). Make sure to stop by it’s a special place.
Ibram Ibraheem
Ibram Ibraheem: Calm and classy place
Jason Cleck
Jason Cleck: Best shop around Cairo for authentic gifts - purses, scarves, silver jewelry, drink ware, etc. I mean pennies on the dollar cheap! 100 yards from the Marriott Casino!
stephanie lohmann
stephanie lohmann: Lovely place with a good selection items. Everyone working there was very welcoming and considerate, I really appreciated their honest pricing policy. They deserve a worthy visit and more. Would recommend this place as the best souvenir shop in Cairo.
Samer Darwiche
Samer Darwiche: Very kind people and excellent selection of products. Also a very nice place to meet alike thinking people.
Fernando Cavalcanti [Substitutes]
Fernando Cavalcanti [Substitutes]: Very nice shop with beautiful, authentic and well made products. The Bedouin items are beautiful and intricately made. The owner and staff were very friendly and helpful. Prices are shown on the items and are very reasonable given the quality of items. It was a pleasure not to be pressured to buy anything or to have to haggle for 15-20 minutes. We highly recommend if you want to buy authentic products.
Yasmine El Nawawy
Yasmine El Nawawy: Excellent shop. Lovely gifts with good prices and a big price range so you can choose the price range most convenient for you. I was met by a staff member and by the owner and both were very friendly and decent and the owner treated me to a gift.
Emily S.
Emily S.: A wonderful place to shop with kind staff and so many beautiful options.
Linda and Robb Hoiseth
Linda and Robb Hoiseth: My friends and I had an amazing experience at Nomad. The selection is amazing, the prices fair, and the staff are so warm and welcoming. If I ever find myself back in Cairo, I will definitely return.
nourah buarkah
nourah buarkah: The place is a masterpiece
Judith Martin
Judith Martin: I love this store. The beautiful items, the atmosphere. I visit everytime I return to Cairo and everytime there are new finds to be admired.
sabrina negri
sabrina negri: Um tesouro de lugar, escondido na região de zalamalek para comprar lenços, lembrancinhas, peças vintage e artesanais. Fica no 2o andar de um edifício na região de zalamalek. São muito atenciosos. This is a treasure place to bye hand made and vintage things. Located on 2o floor of building on zalamalek. So good attendance.
Sandrine Coin
Sandrine Coin: Petite boutique très sympa
Nathaniel “Kuwait Funds.” Benneth
Nathaniel “Kuwait Funds.” Benneth: Great.
Sayed AbuBasha
Sayed AbuBasha: Well done
essam hassan
essam hassan: Masterpiece
D. C.
D. C.: Lovely atmosphere on the second floor of an old Egyptian apartment filled with ethical and fair treasures. All items on sale are handmade and by Egyptian artisans & crafters. We bought many things from here but the most special was the rug we purchased for our apartment. It was a little too large and the owner told us not to worry and come back in an hour. He miraculously weaved it to the right size himself. Definitely a wonderful experience. Can’t recommend enough.
Will Clark
Will Clark: Locally sourced goods are hard to find in Egypt. This is the place to do so.
Tony Indindoli
Tony Indindoli: Very nice collection of crafts art. Relaxing quiet atmosphere to shop, and they are very helpful and welcoming.
Sherif Said
Sherif Said: Excellent service and craftsmanship! Definitely recommend if you want to get authentic Egyptian souvenirs.

2. Khan el-Khalili

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Khan el-Khalili
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Address: El-Gamaleya, El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Business type: Bazar

Khan el-Khalili: what do users think?
نونا: Annoying young people who chase you and annoy you hate us in Egypt
Charles: Incredibly vibrant and busy market. As a tourist I felt completely safe at all times. You must be a strong haggler! Do not be afraid to go deeper into the market for cheaper prices or to walk away
Fran Romeu
Fran Romeu: Gran variedad de productos, genial para comprar regalos, y tomar algo
ياسر ابراهيم
ياسر ابراهيم: The place retains its ancient heritage
seto kaiba
seto kaiba: Nice new experience except they are over pricedAnd some inappropriate behavior by some sellers in exploiting foreignersIt is also forbidden to wait and sit in chairs unless requested
mercedes rebuffo
mercedes rebuffo: Demasiados locales y muy encimados pero eso sí....hay de todo
Fahad Alhammadi
Fahad Alhammadi: Accountants from the Shahatis will steal you
C Chow
C Chow: Big most local market
Adrian Almiron
Adrian Almiron: un lugar con muchas tiendas para comprar cosas artesanales y algo de ropa de varones de mujeres hay muy poca el horario es de 9 a 17hs donde estan abiertos todos los locales
Ali Jali
Ali Jali: All you need under one roofAll you can think ofThere are very nice popular coffee shops
majd bub
majd bub: A popular market with various products and gifts such as clothes, pottery, perfumes and popular cafes.You find street vendors, singers, and whatever you want in coffee shops.The market is crowded and the alleys are narrow. It is best to visit it at night.
Osama Al-kholy
Osama Al-kholy: ممتاز
Ibrahim Alnughaymishi
Ibrahim Alnughaymishi: Beautiful
Murat Aksu
Murat Aksu: Like grand bazaar in Turkey, nice souvenirs. A bit hassle and need to bargain for the prices. But good experience for a foreigner. Crowded even at nights.
ايهاب الجندي
ايهاب الجندي: The best car mats in Egypt
Khalid Alghamdi
Khalid Alghamdi: Historic, and it needs more time. Its best time is in Ramadan
Safa: It is a very popular place, and you are better off not bringing expensive things with you and things you are afraid of.Al-Fishawi and Naguib Mahfouz Coffee is a very nice thing and an enjoyable experience among the beautiful shops and sales of Egyptian needs
咪嘟: 哈里里市场,几乎来过埃及的每位游客都会逛一逛,我觉得更应该看的是它周围的一些老建筑,至于小商品嘛 ,百分之八九十都是中国制造
Waled Ahmed
Waled Ahmed: wonderful place
ahmed montaser
ahmed montaser: A place with ancient history and heritage
Wael Elnemr
Wael Elnemr: A special place with a fragrant history, shops for antiques, antiques, and silver and gold artifacts

3. The Giftery

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The Giftery
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Address: 4 Ahmed El-Rashidy, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 5:30 AM

Telephone: +20 122 110 3868

Business type: E commerce agency

The Giftery: what do users think?
Mai El Kassaby
Mai El Kassaby: One of the worst and most unprofessional experiences ever. Will never deal with this website again. Once I receive either my order or a full refund, I eill escalate the matter. Not recom at all. It's a scam!
Dalia Ahmed
Dalia Ahmed: Thank you the Giftery …. I highly recommend it, tou can always find plenty of varietyVery useful to make orders whether you live in Egypt or abroad
sarah el samman
sarah el samman: Always the best selection of gifts and really good customer service
Nader Sherif
Nader Sherif: Easy, professional customer support, perfect for wedding lists and seasonal gifts
Central Studio Egypt
Central Studio Egypt: The best
Basma El-Hadidi
Basma El-Hadidi: Always a good experience. very helpful and professional.
Brigitte Farah
Brigitte Farah: Best online website for gifts for all occasions. Amazing collection and delighting customer experience!
engy samir
engy samir: Highly recommended, they've helpful team and special gifts for every occasion
Emad Dawoud
Emad Dawoud: Awesome and unique Service
Sarah Aclimandos
Sarah Aclimandos: Great delivery service, customized gifts... Everything was wrapped very nicely
Nelly karrar
Nelly karrar: Happy with the service and very reliable!
Rita Makram
Rita Makram: Amazing service.. website is very easy with lots of gifts options
marise raouf
marise raouf: Best experience everVery professional and the team is very helpful
Dido Fido
Dido Fido: The worst kind of customer service, I hope you don't fall into the same trap. Terrible service, they don't answer their phones and all deliveries are fake dates. Definitely not recommended
Yasmine Khalifa
Yasmine Khalifa: Best quality and variety of gifts and friendly and professional team
Bassem Mounir
Bassem Mounir: Worst online website ever, there is no products there, and the ones there is there either sold out or overpricedCustomer service is terrible, they never reply to emails. and the orders are cancelled from their side all the time
abdo basmahji
abdo basmahji: Very bad.. we do not recommend
Tarek Mounir
Tarek Mounir: Very late, no respose, a gift supposed to be delivered same day and never did. Despite delivery cost is very high compared to market, very late delivery. Promised to deliver too many times and did not deliver.Never use them again.
mariam wanis
mariam wanis: THE WORST EXPERIENCE ANYONE CAN HAVE !!!!🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Mariaam Emad
Mariaam Emad: Bad experience gdnnnn
Mihaela Bo
Mihaela Bo: So unprofessional. Not recommended 👎

4. Hallmark

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Address: 26th of July Corridor, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Schedule: Open until 10:00 PM

Telephone: +20 2 38210500

Business type: Gift shop

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