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House of Cocoa Sugar Chocolatier Patchi Chocolate corner House of Cocoa World of chocolate Dukkan chocolate Chocolate Dose Maadi LARIBA Chocolate Coca chocolate House of Cocoa House of Cocoa Chocolate Lounge Chocolate House Ganache Chocolate House Salé Sucré Pâtisserie


1. House of Cocoa

· 51 reviews

Inside Tivoli White, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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House of Cocoa: what do users think?
Omnia: His chocolate is beautiful
Ebrahim Hossny: nice place
Menna Barakat: ♥️♥️
Fatma AbouOuf: It's a new branch at Tivoli white, and you'll love it.
Ayman Elenany: excellent
Rami B: Expensive prices and unregistered items in the menu .. The hospitality staff plays with prices and does not give invoices .. They do not accept card payments .. The administration does not communicate with the customer
hedya mohamed: Nice place to seat and enjoy with friends
Ahmad Haggi: Dirty place and their treatment of people is dirtier, no one goes there
Ahmed Ahmed2: Caution, the swindler did not bring the bill, and after my insistence on him, he started manipulating me. I made the account with him again, and he started changing his prices on the menu, and 107 pounds were returned. The situation happened yesterday!
Sarah Howait: Wonderful ice cream
Rahaf Moustafa: the molten cake was very good but i believe 150le is way too much for itthe blue ocean drink was greatprices include both service and taxes which is good because there are no surprisesan overall decent experience
Khaled ElSherbini: Best place for dessert in town.
Ameera In Egypt: DO NOT PAY HOUSE OF COCOA VIA ONLINE PAYMENT! My husband and I ordered the chocolate fanoos from them at the beginning of Ramadan. We paid online on their website. They then called and said that they could not deliver to Zamalek unless we wanted to pay additional fees which ended up being more than the fanoos itself so we said no thank you and asked them to cancel the order. They said they would refund us but it's been 4 weeks now and we never received the refund. So i strongly advise anyone ordering from House of Cocoa to do so by cash on delivery only because they steal money from the people who pay online. And another thing, they don't deliver to Zamalek but yet fail to mention that before you order. House of Cocoa needs to work on their communication and customer service skills with their customers.
Rajaa Rahma: I adore this place very much .. the only drawback is that there is no Wi-Fi here
Shaymaa Ali: Legendary hot chocolate is not what i imagined but the rest of the menu is perfect
Yahia Hazem: Sounds good
Inam Ullah: Worst experience of Caffè Latte....full of sugar .....😔
Pure Egypt: Nice place
Mohamed hsa: 👍
Salvador Lotufo Filho: Sorvete excelente
Joséphine Fayez: Very delicious 😋Place of Chocolate World 🍫🍫🍫🍫Amazing handmade tasty chocolate of All types

2. Sugar Chocolatier



· 41 reviews

117 El-Sayed El-Marghany, Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sugar Chocolatier: what do users think?
Bella Takla: Closed permanently
Walid Elkordy: Lose yourself and add more calories it doesn’t matter... 🤣🤣I’m in true love with this place..All of you need to come and enjoy everything without details... you’ll experience by yourself
Mohamed Soudy: Fancy
Ali Alzhrani: Good
Mezo Basha: good
Mostafa Fadly: It's my best chocolate shop
bamba kashar: Did not like
Ahmed H: very good
AbdUllah khalid: Masterpiece
محمد الشناوي: crowd
اوعى وشك: amazing
rani riad: Brilliant , nice place and nice decoration .
Dalia Adel: Very helpful & creative. Thank you
sameh amin: Best Belgian chocolates in Cairo. New idea for introducing chocolates and amazing customized ideas

3. Patchi

· 220 reviews

15 Taha Hussein, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Patchi: what do users think?
Catherine An: 다양한 초코릿이 있더군요. 포장도 이쁘구요.
Hosam Mohey: The prices are very exaggerated
Saleh Fahd: EXTREMELY overpriced for the taste of the chocolate, despite the associated prestige...
Hassen Nasser: I had a problem that they do not take the account in dollars
H. Ghabrial: Great fresh chocolates, very nice staff. They are customer oriented and open from 9 am. Price is expensive $$$ Belgian Chocolate.
Ahmed Khalifa: Mr. Faras is really nice and helpful in very professional and hospitality manner
gamal Nagy: All kinds of chocolate
إسماعيل: Without exaggeration and without any drumming here at Patchi, you will eat the sweetest and most beautiful chocolatePatchi means quality, Patchi means the taste that does not change on you, whether you are in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Lebanon, in any of their many branches.Unnatural addiction and a taste that makes you melt in it from its beautyThanks, Patchi
Ahmed Almazrouei: Monument in dealing with the sisters in the shop.You must beware of them from experience.I took a basket of chocolate with a weight of 2 kilos, and after the packaging was done and calculated, I saw that the amount of chocolate was small.I weighed it again and opened the packaging. Half a kilo of chocolate was missing.Two swindlers in dealing, you must check for yourself before calculating
محمد موزه: اسطف زوق وبرند محترم
Salah El Dien Mahrous: very very very tasty
mahmuod Shandoo Mahmuod shandoo: beautiful
Ehab Tabasy: The problem is the location is hiddenBut it's cool
شيف ايهاب رشدى: Super awesome, very excellent
Samir Galal: The best chocolate in Egypt
Mark Hany: Best chocolate
hany ahmed: The best chocolate shop
Mohamed Ibrahim: Excellent service and quality
Soliman Man: comfortable place
Ossama Alphonse: A place to say the least, it is wonderful, the prices are high, but there is no place in Egypt that is completely in the magnificence of chocolate and its special dragees

4. Chocolate corner

· 0 reviews

Monginis, Hadaia Helwan - Khaled Ebn El Waled St.El Mfare2 -above fowri - behind, Egypt

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5. House of Cocoa

· 2817 reviews

Street, (Korba Street, 17 Cleopatra, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11361, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
House of Cocoa: what do users think?
ميرا: Aww sweet place
Ahmed M. Othman: Love it 😍.
kingaswww1999 king: Beautiful
ناهد محمد: Best choclet and best stff
Hatem Sabry: Excellent service
كريم طلعت: The most wonderful person I can work for is my honesty.
Khaled Rashid: Good quality
Mohamed Ibrahim: Amazing quiet place the only missing thing is not having wifi and poor signal indoor
Eriny Lotfy: Over rated
FOX Esp: Mm
Somiaa Mahmoud: Didn't like it
magdy malekon: The shop is closed for improvements without any announcement of this on the shop's website
Shoaib Alian: The branch is closed
Naira Hisham: Amazing
yasmin elsherif: Terrible space and services and design and food is horrible
Pola Rasmy: Iconic chocolate
Muhammad Hanafi: An enjoyable experience with the best and largest selection of chocolatesThank you CocoA
Hesham Ouf: It has nothing to do with City stars branch, empty, quite and sad in a way, half of the items in the menu is not served.
omar elkady: very nice dine in for chocolate lovers , highly recommend it
mack mack: Nice and elegant

6. World of chocolate

· 3 reviews

184 shoubra street, Menyat as Serg, El Sahel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

7. Dukkan chocolate

· 175 reviews

El-Sayed El-Merghany, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dukkan chocolate: what do users think?
Jeru Salem: The prices are good and varied, but the people in charge of the place need to learn to work with customers better than this
ramdan hamam: Give
Bassem Ahmed (Bassiouny): very very sweet place
Marwan Zahran (MZ): Good prices,
D Mohamed Shoukry: The shop has excellent pricesBut the problem is with the sellers, they need to deal in a good manner
Ashraf Gargawe: Everyone has beautiful, cheap, and mattresses
Ahmed Khateb: It's beautiful, the kids there are respectful, and the prices are high, almost cheaper than many other places
mohamed heiba: Great prices and products
mohamed hamed: لاباس
Mohamed zayan: reasonable prices
Aya Ahmed: The best place for chocolate, candy and nuts
Mustafa Mohamed: Love ❣️ it
marwa ramdan: Nuts and sugary dates are awesome
Beso A: 💕 the place is very small and full of offers on a variety of finest imported chocolate 🍫😍
saber Mohamed: 👌
laila sherbini: A beautiful place with all kinds of dark and white chocolate and Canadian jelly cola of all kinds in many shapes that are very popular with children.. There is a huge store with a variety of options, reasonable prices and high quality
ليلي الشربيني: The shop is very elegant and the shelves are arranged, and it contains all kinds of chocolate and its prices are very sweet.. luxurious than the other

8. Chocolate Dose Maadi

· 16 reviews

2+, بجوار الكورت يارد, Palestine Rd, Egypt

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Amr ElShimy: Dose is the best chocolate ever🍫😋😋😋😋😋😋 tasty
Ramy Samy: Nothing special. Average normal
الشرنجبيز: We hang many chocolate brands in the branch on Palestine Street..a fun place for those who like to take pictures there
Tony Dawood 11: Wooow
Nahed Wagih: It's an amazing place where you can enjoy an incredible chocolate tajen ever.. it's really a big dose, I'm enjoying eat all it alone :), it's yummy yummy!! If you just go there one time, you'll go there again and again.
Joseph Samir654: The best tajen ever
Remon Armanious: Woooooow
Hany Ahmed: Worst place to eat cheesecake and expensive

9. LARIBA Chocolate

· 8 reviews

4 El-Horeya, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
LARIBA Chocolate: what do users think?
Sameh Ahmed: A great selection of super tasty chocolates and oriental delights.Their kahk tasted really yummy, and the packaging was very nice 😍
Sherifa Emam: Amazing it is very nice the display is awesome and chocolate tastes amazing

10. Coca chocolate

· 125 reviews

38JR+XX6, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Coca chocolate: what do users think?
sivo 3003: I liked the variety of things their
NASSER Hussain: One of everyone's favorite stores
Mohamed Afifi: Liars in performances tooFake offers are not realAnd always tells you the offer is over
AHMED SALEH: Prices are good, but far from many people
شيف ايهاب رشدى: Very sweet
Ahmed Khaled: Very nice and respectful people
Dr. Samer Ahmed Abdelshafy: Small shop i like it, offers wide variety and makes weekly price offers
Ahmed Essam: The offers are wonderful and the items are awesome
hisham zaki: Good, but in cheaper stores
TiK z ToK: عروضهم ممتازة بس خلي بالك من تاريخ الصلاحية عشان هتلاقي حاجات قربت تنتهي بس مش هتلاقي حاجة منتهية
medhat atallah: Perfect
M George: اسعارهم حلوه
Fatma Alzahraa: Please stay on visa
Omnia Adel: The place has beautiful things and they are all fresh and the prices are really masterpiece ❤️
Abdelrahman Elzany: high taste
Ahmad Maher: 😋
mahmoud abbas: .(Translated by Google
Ahmed Sabry Mido: The necessities are very sweet
khaled adry: Providing many types of chocolates with reasonable prices
lamiaa elshafie: Perfect choices and prices of chocolates... I love it

11. Patchi - باتشي

· 2 reviews

Nasr City, City Stars Mall, Phase II Shop No. 1275 Ground floor, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Panache Chocolatier

· 20 reviews

8 Lebanon, St, MOHANDESEEN, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

13. House of Cocoa

· 88 reviews

City Stars Mall, Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11765, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. House of Cocoa

· 843 reviews

27A Street 200, Delga, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Chocolate Lounge

· 29 reviews

26QJ+F5X, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Chocolate House

· 231 reviews

Al Hadiqah Ad Dawleyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Chocolate mania

· 8 reviews

X746+W3H, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


18. Ganache

· 93 reviews

Street 203, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Chocolate House

· 12 reviews

عمارة ٥٠ شارع ٩ المقطم قسم،, Al-Mokattam St, Al Abageyah, El Mokattam, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

20. Salé Sucré Pâtisserie

· 55 reviews

11 El Shaheed Abdel Moneim Riyad St., Mohandesin, Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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