Best Chess Sets In Cairo Near Me

Top Toys Hedeya Mega Mall Cairo chess academy Bingo 3afrotto toys عفروتو تويز Hedeya Store | Dokki Hedeya - Mall of Arabia Hedeya Maadi Mega Store ملتقي الملوك Virgin Megastore Khan el-Khalili Le3ab Store Sesame Club Store Toys R Us

1. Top Toys

· 446 reviews

26Q4+QGG, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Top Toys: what do users think?
Remon Naguib: Nice experience
Adam Mohamed: محتاج توسعه
Mohamed Atef: مكان جيد
hamidoo pasha: Different prices between website contents & 2 stores which t doesn’t make sense
Eman Adel: حج
Jessica Peter: It's super nice but it hasn't got many things
Ehab Ahmed: Best toys for all kids
رندا مرسى: اكتر من رائعيجعلك تعود لأيام طفولتك بحنين مميز
Yahia Hazem: Good Toy shop
Yasmina Marawan: ممتاز
Rami Ali: Old school toy store...all new games are available and better priced than those new toy chain stores
Mahmoud Emara: Very pleasant staff with toys variety
Zemmo Azzo: جميل ورائع
abdo maghrby: مكاني المفضل
Ahmed Mahmoud: مكان ممتاز بس بعض المنتجات اسعارها مرتفعه نسبيا
Sherif Matar: Amazing toy shop in dokki
Maiyoo Mohamed: مكان جميل يشمل جميع العاب الاطفال ومتنوع يوجد به جميع الاذواق
Marwa Esam: حلو اوى اوى عنده العاب متنوعه وخامات كويسه
R. Erdman: Very dishonest and unprofessional !!!!!!!I ordered a gift for my niece and paid for next day delivery after showing that the two items are available in stock. The confirmed by sending me an e-mail saying that my order is being prepared and ready of shipping. I stayed at home all day waiting for them to arrive or reach me, and they did not, so I tried to call several times, at the end, someone answered me and said “ your items are not even available in the store nowadays” ?!!!!!!. WTH .... could have got another similar gift if they had told me this since the very beginning.First and last time!
Nada Fawzy: I’m in love with this can find anything with any price.
Prince lion: مكان جميل جدا

2. Hedeya Mega Mall



· 2181 reviews

S Teseen, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Hedeya Mega Mall: what do users think?
Abdel Hameed Abou EL Dahab: محل الالعاب والهدايا الشهير يوجد في شارع التسعين الجنوبي بالتجمع الخامس المحل ضخم وكبير ولكن الاسعار مبالغ فيها جدااا واذا قارنتها بمحلات العاب اخري ستجدها موجوده في محلات اخري بأقل من ثمنها وطبعا لا يوجد عروض او تخفيضات علي الاسعار
Muhammad Ammar: حلو جدا
CYNTHIA OSUAGWUH: Top quality kids items
Tarek: ممتاز بس غالى
Tamer Fahim: Bought a toy for my 3 year old and couldn’t assemble it because of missing pieces. It’s a rip off
Ahmed Fouad: You will find all what u need for your baby in it. People there will help you. Alot. The brand there is very expensive. Dollar issue wise. You van get it half the price abroad.Wide collection of baby bed. Changing table. All baby room needs.I will go there again if i needed anything else for my baby
Michael Basta: You will find almsot anything you want in the children and babies category
Alaa Elhalwagy: Experience
Nouran Nour: Good variety of toys especially for girls. There’s not a lot of toys options for boys especially older boys above 7 years. The prices are higher comparing to other stores especially during annual celebrations. Overall, a good destination for kids toys.
Raouf Boktor: Good for souvenirs
Hend Maatouk: Very helpful teamHuge variety of child’s needs and toys
Mahmoud Hekal: Very nice please but also very expensive
Pia Marquart: Good selection
شركة ماكولكاميرات المراقبة والانظمه الامنيه: amazing
Muhammad El Shafei: Excellent serviceBut very very high prices for all goods
Sameh El-Henawy: Good 👍 mega shop for gifts & children games with all accessories for pregnant women
yasser rashwan: Excellent high quality productvery expensive
احمد سعد: مكان رائع
abdou Elnaamy: جميع لعب الأطفال
hossam ali: طبعا مش محتاج كلام ممتاز وطقم العمل محترم ولبق استاذ حسام في الأطفال وأستاذ محمود محترف

3. Cairo chess academy

· 4 reviews

Icon centre, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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4. Bingo

· 209 reviews

8 ش غالب حمود العتيبى, النزهة الجديدة, القاهرة, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Bingo: what do users think?
Misho1994misho Misho: very good
Sherif Sabry: Friendly enjoyment placr 😊
hisham shams: fantastic place
amirpilot mero: good for kids toys
ayman el.menshawy: Rozoza
Reem draws: Large kids' toys store that provides a wide range of toys. The price range is high.
sharkspread: جيد جدا
Dial Up: ماشاء الله مكان جميل اكتر حاجه عجبتني ابني فضل يلعب بالالعاب المعروضه فتره كبيره ويختار فتره كبيره جدا (ومحدش من الموظفين اتكلم معاه او دايقيني ابدا ) حاجه مش متعود عليها في مصر .. شكرا لكل الموجودين في المكان
Ramy Shaban: Love it .. fun for all
Karim Khalaf: A large store for kids' toys of all kinds, at really good prices.
Mohammed Abdellatif: مكان جميل جدا لشراء العاب الأطفال
mohamed gamal: Nice
Ahmed Nabil: Nice place ... helpful staff
Solar PV /Let's learn: Very cool and you can get a lot of fun thereStaff is very helpfulToys are unique and not very pricey (compared to the others )
mohamed tobar: A wonderful place, beautiful and original products, highly tasteful sellers
ahmed elmelegy: مكان ممتاز لشراء هدايا الاطفال .. واعتقد الاسعار مناسبه
Mohamed Swydan: Very happy place
Mostafa Khalifa: رائع لكن ليس لديه بعض الالعاب
Dr AbdelAziz Habib: Nice place but it has only one cashier
Mohamed Magdy: Very cool and nice place.Staff are friendly and helpfulThere are variety of toys thereThey have to provide high quality toys also.The prices are reasonable and the store area are pretty goodI recommend it for who wants to buy toys with reasonable prices 👍

5. 3afrotto toys عفروتو تويز

· 129 reviews

11835, Street 15, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

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3afrotto toys عفروتو تويز: what do users think?
Amr Abo El Magd: أسعاره معقولة و لكن مفيش عندهم العاب تعليمية
Hazem Elabiaad: Stuff are professional and prices were good
Hanan Wafy: Like it
Sam Semo: Reasonable prices
Mohamed Atef: اجمل محل العاب متوفر فيه كل الألعاب بجوده محترمه
Amir Yassen: محل فاشل ومعاملة سيئة اشتريت ب7500 اسكوتر كهربائي قعد 3 اسابيع وباظ وقعد عندهم 20 يوم ورجعوه لينا بايظ ..والله ما هسيبهم وهاخد حقي..ناس فاشلين ونصابين وحاجاتهم كلها مضروبة
Fayrouzاات Amir: ألعاب بايظه ومعاملة سيئة جداحسبي الله ونعم الوكيل دفعنا ألاف الجنيهات في أجهزة بايظه حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
Ahmed Salem: Good quality for prices
Hossam Hamed: Good selection with decent prices , good customer service
Noha Safwat: Children's toys at a very affordable price. Respectful treatment. Great variety.
Mohamed Nasr: Excellent place
Wassim Kamal: ممتاز لكن غالى
muhammed elgaml: Very nice store for kids
Amr Fishier: Great variety of kids toys
ahmed awad: Many options and good variety but not everything's needed was there, Yet good reception, also they were helpfull. I will go again.
Hussein Eid: good
Mostafa ElBaz: Prices are reasonable good toys collection. Not the best organisation but in general it's good
Ahmed Darwish: Everything is there
Mohamed Elkashef: Too hot, no A/C, shop is crowded with products that are not categorised well, and cashier was very slow and confused. The prices and range of products are good though
Romio Romio: Good shop good prizes
Samia Mohamed: Nice shop.. a variety of toys.. the prices are good and the people are very cooperative

6. Edu Fun

· 169 reviews

27 Mohammed Tawfik Diab, St, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Edu Fun: what do users think?
mostafa Disha: موجود كل حاجه تخص الاطفال
amr farouk: منتجاته قليلة
Ahmed Shokry: It's a very underrated place, needs more care, but the toys here are so great with good prices. Highly recommended!
Ramy Ellissy: Great product high quality
Abdullah Ahmad: Closes 9:00 especially on Friday
hala lolo: The tools are very nice and the material we add
Sara Omar: Love it
Honest ELbadry: Its good ideas for education
Rania Ibrahim: They loved a lot of nice things and the treatment was good
Ahmed Maher: Great educational games
Ragui Bassali: Good but need more variety
dina salama: Good store for kids education toys
Karim Elsayed: middle
Abdulrahman Alnashar: Sorting Box , very good for kids
Osama Elkholy: It is good but there is no vast variety of toys
Rania Youssef: Amazing
Mona ElAshry: Great for educational games. It is really educational fun 👍🏼
mo ib: ممتع
Hossam Cena: كل مايخص التعليم المنتيسوري هناك
مها سعدي: If you are kindergarten teacher you must visit this place , they have ago quality wooden games

7. Hedeya Store | Dokki

· 68 reviews

13 Nadi Al Saeed, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Hedeya Store | Dokki: what do users think?
Mohammed Saad: I had a very unpleasant situation there. I bought a gift from another branch and I was told I can exchange it from any branch within 14 days. I went to Dokki branch after just 4 days to exchange it and to my surprise the manager there is telling me that gifts with offers can’t be exchanged! Which is against the instructions of Consumer Protection Agency, and also differs from what I was told by them in Heliopolis branch! They were very rude and aggressive, one of them actually kept saying rude stuff while I was already leaving.
Ahmed Mostafa: very excellent
امير سعودي: excellent
Mohamed A: Very good place for toys and children’s stuff, the stuff was very helpful but this place is too expensive
elhanoosh: Good baby needs assortment but expensive
Emad Abdullah: Great place..and organized
Dr. Ramy Tharwat: Nice placeEverything is thereExpensive as alwaysNice staff
Youssef Mansour: Nice place for toys, baby accessories
Yasmine Helal: Very helpful staff, toys are a bit over priced yet I was able to find all what I needed thanks to the good sales team who helped me picking several gifts for kids of different ages. They also have a 10% discount if you are using certain credit cards.
Mahmood Tahoon: Good place, nice variety. Just not the best ever.
Ahmed Fahmy: Wide choices High prices
Mohamed Elhaware: Excellent toys
Amr Eid: Average quality toys and overrated prices
Amr Emam: Good stoor
Khadiga Magdy: Great service
Hany Soliman: Best selection in town
Islam Salah Montaser: Good place for kids gifts
Ahmad Khalaf: New Cairo branch is much bigger and nicer but has mostly the same products
Emad ElKady: Wide range of kids and babies items and toys.. Prices are on the expensive side..
Moustafa Megahed: A store that have everything for kids starting from day one of new born. Usually new parents create gift lists at Hedeya.Staffs are nice & helpful.Products are overpriced in comparison to its value or on the internet
Karim Zohdy: Friendly staff members

8. Hedeya - Mall of Arabia

· 116 reviews

Mall of arabia, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Hedeya - Mall of Arabia: what do users think?
Akrum El-Hennawy: Wordt store ever , dont make gift list thereThey can not manage it at all , all my family had very bad experience
Sarah SL: انا زبونة قديمة بشتري من فرع بيفرلي هيلز جمب بيتي رحت فرع مول العرب كذا مرة و اشتريت سكوترز بينجو و عجل و لعب كتيرة جدا النهاردة داخلة اشتري لعبة و جالي تليفون بنتي الصغيرة بتجرب لعبة مكتوب عليها TRY MEقام للعامل بصلها باذدراء و احتقار و قالها متجربهاش تاني و متمسكهاش كأننا شحاتين قدامه بشتكي لمشرف الفرع خالد قالي واصل العيال بتبوظ اللعب !!! ايه دة ايه الردود دة قمة قلة الذوقدربوا الموظفين ميتعاملوش مع اطفالنا دة خط احمر و متحطوش لعب تجربة تاني و حطوا يافطة اكتبوا تنبيه عشان نحترمكم
Hany Mohamd: كل ما تتمناه هتلاقيه
Amany Alaa: Expensive
Colin K: Avoid unless you want to get scammed into paying 10x what the product should cost
Tarek Fathallah: Not a wide variety of different ideas of toys, but overall nice and can find what you need
Karim Bassyouny: Fair variety
Mina Emile: Gifts for up to 3 years old kids
Shaimaa Ahmed: المكان حلو والستاف متعاون
Mohamed Salah: It's Not Complete Branch
Mohamed Sobhy: It has very useful products with reasonable prices with good treatment from the staff
Mina Emil: Everything related to the babies and the children staff exists there , it's just the only thing is that it's too expencive , and there is a difference in the items prices from other stores althought same brands
Zeina: Hedeya is a baby store and a gift store that has a variety of baby and maternity products from basic strollers and car seats to imported breast pumps and toys. They carry local and important brands such as Medela, Chicco, Beurer, Dr. Brown’s, Munchkin, NUK, Mustela, Fisher Price, Phillips AVENT, mima, and more. They have a gift registry option that is usually very helpful for new moms. They also have nursery furniture and baby monitors. The staff is very helpful and polite.
Marwan AbdElRahman: Anything they have for 10 pounds, I know it's outside for 5~6 poundsYou can watch and get ideas.. but don't buy anything from themTheir prices are exaggerated
Abdo Elsheme: Excellent place and wonderful games for children
Abdullah Rabei: جميل
M.B. Kaddah: A classical and one of the best outlets for kids toys and games. Expensive but a great variety, some items are overpriced. The service and support you get from staff is really remarkable.
Hend Mahmoud: Always all the kids stuff u need and for reasonable prices
Abd El Monaam Al' Alaily: Great choice
Reem Ahmed: Everything is way overpriced !We were shocked of the way the staff treated us in the Mall of Arabia branch ,we were asking for some toys details, and they had no idea , they replied we don't know u can find it out yourself,Above all , they had the CIB points deal for the payment, the cashier refused it claiming that the site is not working , we opened the site infront of him , but he kept the rude denial !We will make the complain at the CIB bank as well.
sameh Mangoury: Good place for shopping

9. Hedeya Maadi Mega Store

· 481 reviews

the Satellite, Fontana Square, 257 St. in front of, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Hedeya Maadi Mega Store: what do users think?
Mohamed Magdy: It was cool experienceI like itHave some concerns about prices there
Hana Tarek: Very helpful staff and a huge variety of stuff for kids 👍🏼
mohamed samir: مكان عالمى
Adrian D: Pros:- very wide selection of toys, children's sports equipment (for diving, swimming, cycling, etc.) and shoewear (especially crocs and slippers) as well as child-related implements (bottles, child-safety locks, milk pumps etc.).- if your child has favorite cartoon characters, it's very likely you will find what you need hereCons:- the quality of the items is often questionable (cheap plastic that seems made to break asap)- for higher quality products the prices are very high (higher than in western europe)
heba mohsen: It has a wide variety of anything you will need for your kids and for amazing gifts, the only downside is that it is a little overpriced
Abdallah Al Qareh: Zero customer handling skills. They insisted on selling a product without its box, and they were really rude about it. Do not shop here.
EGYPT GATE: Wonderful place
Abdelrahman Singergy: Very bad customer service!
Aliya Khalil: I love all the fidgets
mohamed hazem: Great stuff for newly born
Radwa Shafiq: Take good care they are not trustworthy. Leave the receipt with you. This store is not safe at all. It is best to avoid it
ramy ahmed: Very great place
Youssef Mohamed: Best gifts from this place
haitham Shahen: Rd. 257, Maadi, Cairo Beside Satellitenice place
Ayman Dessouky: Good but expensive
Assem Memon: Significantly over priced.
منواعات Bakar: Great place 🤩
Ahmed Hanno: Nice place many choices
Omar Saleh: Nice place with lots of varieties

10. Hedeya Heliopolis Branch

· 68 reviews

25 El-Horreya St. - off, El-Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

11. ملتقي الملوك

· 22 reviews

شارع ال١٥ النزهه ٢ - بالقرب من, شارع المطراوي, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

12. Virgin Megastore

· 888 reviews

2X4C+6GG, First 6th of October, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Top Toys

· 92 reviews

61Mohi, Al Din Abou Al Ezz, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Fun Factory

· 72 reviews

Al Golf, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

15. Khan el-Khalili

· 30478 reviews

El-Gamaleya, El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate 4331302, Egypt


16. KNDA Toys

· 24 reviews

Dreams mall behind Family Court New, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

17. Le3ab Store

· 57 reviews

3015 Zahraa Al Maadi, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Sesame Club Store

· 464 reviews

10 Ali Amin, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Toys R Us

· 393 reviews

2CH5+VFW, First New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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