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Safe Campsite مكان تخييم مناسب egypt camp CarpeDiem Orabi Campsite Wadi Degla Protectorate Desert Egypt Safari Maadi Petrified Forest محمية الغابة المتحجرة Dahab Hostel Decathlon Cairo Festival City Egypt White Desert Safari Tours & Siwa Oasis & Fayoum Oasis & Overnight Camping Tours Novotel Cairo Airport IL CAMPO Anton's Egypt Tours Egypt Sunset tours - Travel agency,Tour guides in Egypt IKEA - Cairo Festival City

1. Safe Campsite مكان تخييم مناسب

· 11 reviews

X82V+CW4, El-Zahraa, Tura, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Safe Campsite مكان تخييم مناسب: what do users think?
Eman Medhat Ellewah: Wadi degla amazing seeing
Mahynour OKda: محميه وادى دجله
Lujain Bahaa: This used to be my favorite place since forever, but recently the first few kilometers now have about 4 cafes and they made it look and feel like Cornish el Mokattam or a Dahab camp not a natural protectorate by any means.. so if you are looking for calm and quiet you will have to drive for a while to avoid this pollution, unless this is what you are looking for.
Mohamed Ibrahem: A very suitable place. For camping, barbecuing, and sitting away from the noise of the city, and you can enter with your pet normally, and you can also order delivery if you want, or enter with any food. The ticket price is 50 pounds to enter the car, and if you come, you tell them outside at the door, and the ticket price increases. Nice place I highly recommend you go
Sherif El-Shamy: A beautiful place for camping and hiking
مهاب مصطفى: A wonderful amazing place that needs more services
مصطفي ديشا: Very nice camping atmosphere
Mina Abdelmassih: A very suitable place for camping and a great atmosphere
Ahmed Moatazbellah: Playground: No Public restrooms: Yes Off-leash dog area: Yes Picnic tables: No Barbecue grills: YesMore
Akram sh (Wisdom seeker): Wadi degla protectorate from maadi entrance. It is a good place to explore and camp within cairo.It is a fun MTB place as well.
Abd elrhman Omar: The preserve is beautifulJust take everything with youBecause it is a silver desertThere are no services thereBefore interfering with about 2 kmIn a cafe at the entrance gateYou haven't tried it, but it looks niceAll in all it was a nice day
tigar jaguar: A more than wonderful place for camping and any other occasion ♥️
Mohamed Khalifa: Another world
Fares El Nawawy: It is possible, but it is necessary to become accustomed
Mostafa Fahmy: Good for camping
Mahmoud Hanafy: Very good for camping and making a BBQ party with friends but must see the weather updates !!!
Ahmad Salem: An excellent camping place away from the stream and weak winds during the night. and flatland tents.

2. egypt camp



· 8 reviews

15 Sub-Road, 6th of October Bridge, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

3. Electric Oasis

· 9 reviews

Mohammed Saeed Building 9, Block 2, Al Sefarat District مدينة نصر 11371, Egypt

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4. CarpeDiem Orabi Campsite

· 33 reviews

Gamaiet Ahmed Orabi, Al Obour, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website
CarpeDiem Orabi Campsite: what do users think?
Seif eldin Hosny: جبار
ashraf farahat: واحه جميله
Lorraine Meaker: Gary and his team have made this camp site well suited to the style of camps he conducts. I certainly would allow my child to participate (if I had youngsters) as the area is safe, secure and organised.
وائل جمال: أمان، جيد الخدمة.
Sherif Sayed: A wonderful hostel for trips, suitable for barbecue parties, camping for families and summer
Wael Samir: distinct
Gary Kehiaian: Best Camping experience for schools without traveling far
أحمد جمال الدين: Good
Fadi Mourad: Great place for camping and activities

5. Wadi Degla Protectorate

· 1644 reviews

Maadi, Qattamiya, Ain Sokhna Road, Cairo, Egypt, Wadi Degla Path, Tura, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Wadi Degla Protectorate: what do users think?
Moustapha Hassabou: Nice
Ahmed Wafik: Easy
Tasbeh Motasem: This is a place where I feel restful and relaxed😊
Wheed Elbasose: Very nice place, excellent service and good prices
Mohammed said: Beautiful
Ahmed hnafy: Good and nice for trips
AHMED ELKOMY: Place to find your soul
Andrey Sergeevich B-v: Интересное место, при входе есть несколько кафе.
George Nawar: مكان جميل صالح للتخيم ولفرق الكشافه محتاج تكون جاهز بالمواد للغذائية وادوات التخيم الخاصه بك قبل الذهاب شبكات المحمول بداخل المحميه سيئه الدخول بعشره جنيه للفرد. تصلح لعمل حفلات الشواء مميزاتها انها بداخل مدينه القاهرة وأمنه ويوجد بيها حيوانات بريه وزواحف ممنوع الصيد بيها. تقدر تاخد صور رائعه كصور خاصه قبل الزفاف
Hisham Moustafa maher: مكان ممتاز للتخييم والشواء والتسلق والعيش حياة البدائيه والباديه والصحراءتأكد من اصطحاب مياه كافيه لعدم جود مياه بالمحميه ولا حمامات ولا كهرباء
Jovaro -killer123: This is the best desert i ever seen
Mohamed Fouad: المكان كويس بس مترحش يوم فيه تراب أو هواء جامد
مجنون أكل أكل: I am part of the Wadi Degla reserve
7nk4 Mostafa: camping placeThe place has a telephone network
hana yahia: Liked the place very much. The atmosphere was quite and calming. It would be better if the wild life has been preserved more as i heard stories about there being deers and foxes in the past. But other than that it's very calming and peaceful tbh
Mohamed Anwar: I need a group
Rashid Rammah: The best days in Egypt and winter in this place
Mohamed Zakaria: مكان ممتاز لرحلات السفاري والتخييم في قلب القاهره
Eyad Hafez: ممكن اعرف ايه المطلوب عشان اخش بلموتوسيكل
Abdelkarim Oujouggar: مممتتتتتاززززز

6. Carpe Diem - Egypt

· 5 reviews

Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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7. Desert Egypt Safari

· 109 reviews

3-Mohamed Abdel Aziz st.-Orouba-Haram., Behind Studio Misr, Giza District, Giza Governorate 12561, Egypt

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8. Maadi Petrified Forest

· 31 reviews

XFQ4+6W2, Industrial Area, Third New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Maadi Petrified Forest: what do users think?
Akarco Egypt: تم استقطاع حوالي ثلث مساحتها لتصبح مباني سكنية لمشروع بيت الوطن والبقية تأتي (الثلثين يعني)
HanHan XU: Visited on Weekend Wait time No wait Reservation recommended NoMore
shabbir yamani: Scary place. Like it's out of Harry Potter.
Djunplug Nous: Endroit dégradé mais il reste quelques jolis troncs pétrifié assez impressionnants... A voir.
علاء ابوالعلا: Visited on Weekday Wait time No wait Reservation recommended YesMore
Eugene Kisly: Calm place in crowdy Cairo :)
ياسر الديب: excellent
يحيى محمود: شمال طريق القطامية / العين السخنة حيث تبلغ مساحتها حوالي 7 كم2 .وتعدّ هذه المنطقة أثراً ارضيا (جيولوجياً
Wafaa Wagih: Hey guys, I live in daffodils in front of the petrified forest since it was full of mountainous hills.Glory be to God and praise be to Him, nothing remains the sameNow they have entered the utilities, sewers, sewers, and electricity poles
Husam Mokhtar: Awsome
ZILL NIAZI: Petrified Forest Protected Area is on the outskirts of New Cairo towards North-east. The closest landmark to it is the German University Cairo. It is right opposite of the campus towards east.Fossilized stumps of trees are placed at certain points. And like any other place in Egypt where they remotely suspect people can learn something or enjoy themselves, it has a ticket to it. There's nothing much inside to see except for a few stumps and pathways. A one-time visit on a day when you'd be feeling suicidal otherwise.
عزالدين عبدالله: Glory be to Him, He created, so He created
Franziska Kutzick: Toller kleiner Wochenendausflug in ein Stück Wüste gleich neben der Stadt, um dem Lärm und Smog der Stadt zu entfliehen. Bisher ist der Ort noch kaum bekannt. Das Gelände ist sehr groß und es sind Wanderungen von ca. 6 km möglich. Zu sehen sind versteinerte Baumstämme und Äste eines ehemaligen Mangrovenwalds. Sehr beeindruckend! Es gibt Sonnenschutzzelte, Erklärungstafeln und Mülleimer. Schöne kleine Mini-Klippen lassen Abenteuerfeeling aufkommen.
Haitham Gamy: All that distinguishes this place are rocks, their shapes, and the nature of the land in this place
essam sebily: Great to visit
Ramadan Nour: A working visit to the Fifth Settlement..Al Narges Buildings
Ahmad Khaled: Huge
mohamad hassan: quiet place
Forest Handford: The entrance is off of Ain Al Sokhna road. I went today (on a Friday) not knowing it was closed. They don't have a website. Turns out they are open all other days. I'm not sure what times they are open, they just said 5 hours. The staff (who all wear Falcon uniforms) were very friendly. They let me look around, despite being closed. I am rating it low because there isn't much to see. I took a Careem there and had the driver wait until I finished because it is far from areas with transportation. If you go you should really be into wood. That's about all you will see in the desert. I'm glad I visited. I didn't pay anything, so I don't know if their is an admission charge.
Hazem Salah: Environmental impact
Khaled Refaie: So exciting

9. محمية الغابة المتحجرة

· 330 reviews

Industrial Area, Third New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
محمية الغابة المتحجرة: what do users think?
Ali Nassar: مكان جميل جدا ورائع
M7md Hassan: Great place for staring at the stars
Mohamed Salah: التجمع التالت القادم من اتجاه ارابيلا بلازا يلزم اليمين ويتجه يمين الكوبرى ستاتي علي يساره
dr.mohamed Ibrahem: تجربة مختلفة لمحبي الجلسات البدوية و المحمية مزار جميل لمحبي التأمل و الاستجمام
حمدي ابراهيم: تمام
Mohamed Hisham: المكان حلو، فى قريتين للغدا وتقضية اليوم ، قرية بدوية وقرية ريفية، واسعارهم مقبولة
Yasser Eldeeb: هدووووء
Ahmed Shaker: لا تصلح للزيارة او السياحة
Mohamed Saeid Eid: This is so underrated. The place is great if you want to go for a hike or explore some geological features. The place in general is well kept except for some plastic bags that have been carried by the wind. They have waste bins that are well designed, and the trails are good for a good hike (not steep at all).No cars are allowed, and it's free.Restrooms: Restrooms at the gatePicnic area: There are at least two dedicated picnic areas, and a yoga center:)
Amr Ashraf: منطقه مقطوعه
Rafeik Said: Good place to visit
Sherif ElHussainy: القرية تحفة والأكل يجنن
Nariman2030 Ahmed: Sooo fun in Ramadan
Randa Abdelraouf: Relieving stress
Mostafa Hosni: For the first time I know that there is a petrified forest here
Shaloudymm Elshaloudy: beautiful
Ahmed Nassar: where i work
Wael Elgammal: مكان لطيف
Rawd Amgad: It's better for group friends outing not familyGood hookahGood servicesPrices are good just averageThe atmosphere's okay although there's no parties just Egyptian trendy music
Maged: علية العوض تقلصت والارض اتقسمت عمارات


· 1 reviews

7 Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

11. Dahab Hostel

· 493 reviews

Rooftop, 7th Floor 26 Mahmoud Bassiouny, Talaat Harb, Sq, Downtown، Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Decathlon Cairo Festival City

· 2349 reviews

Cairo Festival Mall, Cairo Governorate 11835, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Egypt White Desert Safari Tours & Siwa Oasis & Fayoum Oasis & Overnight Camping Tours

· 3 reviews

Giz, 6 Pyramids Road Giza, Giza Governorate 12556, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Novotel Cairo Airport

· 8566 reviews

Cairo Airport, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11776, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp


· 522 reviews

Manil Shihah, Abo El Nomros, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. Anton's Egypt Tours

· 15 reviews

2 Al-Qady, Al Fadel St, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Egypt Sunset tours - Travel agency,Tour guides in Egypt

· 1 reviews

25 abd El Halim Shaltout Matbaa Faisal Giza Giza Governorate EG 12111, King Faisal St, Giza Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Deluxe Travel Egypt

· 26 reviews

4, Beshr Khattab Str, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 12561, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. IKEA - Cairo Festival City

· 26631 reviews

Cairo Festival City Mall الطريق الدائري، 11835 Egypt, 11835, Egypt

Address Website

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