Best Centers To Study Clinical And Biomedical Laboratory In Cairo Near Me

Global Labs - Medical Lab NSA LABS Hi Tech dental lab Ansary labs Cairo University The American University in Cairo


1. Global Labs - Medical Lab

· 4 reviews

3 Mahmoud Fathi, street, Al Asherah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Global Labs - Medical Lab: what do users think?
dalia azzam: An upscale laboratory in a distinguished medical complex
HR Global: A medical Lab that you can trust
Global Labs: One of the fast growing medical labs in Cairo




· 2 reviews

St. - Doctors Tower, ٥٥ش عبد المنعم رياض - برج الأطباء -المهندسين, 55 El-Farik Abd El-Moneim Riad, Giza Governorate 12511, Egypt

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3. Egy Lab

· 5 reviews

Abbas El-Akkad, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Madinet Nasr, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Egy Lab: what do users think?
Marwa Esam: على طول السيستم واقع
Moustafa El-Araby: نتائج دقيقة. اتعامل معهم منذ ١٣ سنة ودائما الاطباء يعجبون بالدقة. اجراء التحليل في نفس مكان اخذ العينة تعطي الثقة عن السلاسل مثل المختبر والبرج.
Reham Reda: معاملة سيئة


· 26 reviews

5 Talaat Harb, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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NSA LABS: what do users think?
Marwa Hussien: V professional attitude, thanks to all team
Mona Amer: amazing
Mahmmed Adil: Excellent, a very respectable laboratory, and he appealed to everyone to deal with it. Excellent results, speed in producing results, and excellent follow-up. Thank you
hassan saad: swindler lab
Mohamed Hassan: Great service
Youmna Elsheikh: The worst laboratory ever, absolutely unreliable. I did an antigen analysis for the purpose of traveling. I finished the report after an hour.. The report came after 5 hours, and it was clear after squawking and squawking, and I missed the plane because of them..
Mohamed Abdel Mohsen: The laboratory was very confused administratively after it was sold and has absolutely nothing to do with the name of the late Dr. Sherif Nasih Amin and I do not recommend dealing with him.
m test: The factory was sold by Muhammad Amin, the son of Dr. Sharif Nasih Amin, and the partner of Dr. Hisham Issa, to a money laundering company. The ISO certificate was withdrawn from the factory, and all the workers who had excellent experience with Dr. Sharif Nasih were dismissed. And no one asks about quality because the majority of the results are multiplied. This is what one of the workers in the factory is currently in an important location in the factory, even for a moment. The factory is open for workers in Khazabelia branches. All branches take samples only. The rest of the branches do not work, and often work is done with expired solutions, and the most branch that does this work is the Mohandessin branch, and it is located at 55 Abdel Moneim Riyadh Street, Al Atebaa Tower, and this branch is headed by one named Imad Azmy, and what was hidden was the greatest
Mohamed Yehia: One of the oldest medical analysis laboratories in Egypt, and the laboratories were established in 1958, and from the stars and celebrities, he works with him
Salah Shafei: 1) The person who came to perform the tests didn't seem 100% sure of what they were doing and had to repeat the test2) The test results were not sent to me automatically and needed for me to follow up3) The number on their website is disconnected and does not work4) After I found a different number the person on the other end was unable to track the results
Shameer Shaduli: Location for Emirates COVID tests. Results claimed in 24 hiurs. Its a bit difficult to find, but the lab is located on the 2nd floor of a building that does not have a name. Look for (5 Talat Harb) small metal sign at the entrance to the building. Register on the preflighttest website ahead.
science Speaks: It is the right place for medical tests
adel sharef: An excellent laboratory with ISO certificates, accuracy and speed of performance
Sebastian Thomas: Extremely slow process. Still waiting for results that were sent abroad several weeks ago. It was difficult to receive a professional answer or to get someone on the phone is willing to look into my case. Unbelievable that Tabibi recommended this lab.
Camilla Zalka: The whole experience has felt like a scam. My son is sick and needed some common and uncommon blood tests. They took a lot of money for these tests. 5 days later and I still have not received a receipt (nor results for the common tests (only after blood was drawn did they tell me it would take 20 days for the uncommon results)). I am given continual excuses as to why I haven’t received the receipt as well as results that you can normally easily receive in 24 hours if not less. In many places this would be considered theft.
nasser abdoabdo: Very fancy pricesPoor service, sampling takes time, and the one who is drawn does not come easily. Delivery times are very far awayThe only excellent thing is that the receptionist wins the customerDo business with doctors at the expense of the patientI advise not to deal with it from my point of view
Shady Elebrashy: Best lab services
Ayman Fawzy: Laboratory to perform all medical tests
Ashraf Elhefnawy: Qualified lab with respectful staffFounded by Dr/Nasseh AminAbout 60 years of experienceAll kinds of tests are availableThey serve housecalls
Noura Khedr: Great and super lab in Egypt

5. Hi Tech dental lab

· 7 reviews

8 El-Nasr Rd, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Hi Tech dental lab: what do users think?
Mohamed Saber: A respected dental laboratory and high treatment
Amir Abdalkader: Classy dealings
Mohamed Nour: Accurate lab, God willing, they have very high quality
Moustafa Azouz: The best dental lab in Egypt ❤️
خالد البكري: The worst treatment I've ever seen from the honesty lab...he asks about things he doesn't have...not telling me to take pictures of your testimony...people are really disgusting
Mahmoud Showky: A highly equipped with modern technology and machines, very well trained technicians, decent staff.High level of satisfaction.Keep it up
Abdelmoaty AlRefaie: One of the leading dental lab in Egypt and Middle East. Unified professional communication for the best results.
سعيد عبدالظاهر مصلحي: Dental lab

6. Clinilab

· 14 reviews

4 Street 160, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Clinilab: what do users think?
Marc Haddad: The best
Mina Tawfik: There is no credibility in the dates of delivery of the results of the analysis, their number, no one responds to it

7. Speed Lab

· 24 reviews

القاهرة, القاهرة الجديدة, Egypt

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Speed Lab: what do users think?
Amr Habreer: One of the best labs
Ziyad Adnan: Bad service staff with attitude
Sari Alshami: The worst experience ever. If you are a visitor please avoid this place they will scam you. I contacted the American embassy about them also few airline companies to Avoid them. They will take your money and wont give you test results…… BE CAREFUL
Fady Labib: Gives an appointment and doesn't show up, hotline doesn’t follow up, very poor service do not recommend
Ramy Emad ElDin: An unorganized place, the branches have no coordination between them, and customer service is devoid of politeness... Losing travel and money is a fact
Aya Fathallah: Friendly staff, professional doctors
Amr Khattab: The worst lab you can deal with... I don't trust this lab. Poor service, poor coordination, messy results, and very bad tools.
Khalissa Garouat: good
Sherif Gamal Mansour: Average
الجوكر الجوكر: Bad, very, very, very bad, by God the Great, their appointments are false, and there is no care for the patient. The most important thing is how do they get money, but failed laboratories
Hazem Ghuneem: excellent

8. Ansary labs

· 41 reviews

69 Nine Street,floor no. 2 ٦٩ شارع ٩ – الدور ٢- بجوار بنك التجاري الدولي, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

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Ansary labs: what do users think?
Mostafa Saber: One of the excellent laboratories in terms of timeliness, accuracy of results, and cost.
Mohamed Ezz: I have been to Mohandessein Branch with a friend. Neat place, professional team, and Dr. Maha, the branch manager was knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend this lab.
ان تعلن: Very bad
Abdulsalam Al-Souhigi: Nice staff and clean lab however no one responds to our calls!!!Change the number of no longer exists
saied saber: I was one of the team one day
Hamdy Mِakhlouf: Excellent
Menna Salama: An Extremely reliable lab that doesn’t compromise quality. The lab is Accredited, all lab leaders are Clinical pathologist and Cairo university faculty, all unit heads and managers are M.D holders in clinical and chemical pothology from the faculty of medicine - Cairo University, and all branch managers are Clinical pathologists as well.
Khaled Hasan: Most trusted lab
Tamer Alshamy: Very very bad experience and I challengeA situation happened to me from the gentlemen there. I had a foreign manager at work and he went to do an antibody analysis. The result came out completely different. We spoke to the reception, and in turn he spoke to the director of the laboratory because we visited him and did the same analysis before that. They had two weeks or more before it. A good result compared to the result of other analyzes from Ain Shams University The important thing is that the problem is not in the difference in the results, because the director has spoken to us in order to understand from him or to explain to us what is happening. Dr. Mervat, the owner of the laboratory, explains the situation to us based on the result of the other analysis. They took her eyes and prepared her. We were surprised that no one knew anything about the matter at all. Well, we want the result. They said it was not out and there were no analyzes done. I asked to meet Dr. Haitham, the director of the laboratory. Even if it was two minutes and they brought me a doctor who almost didn't know anything about anything and didn't understand the situation at all. go!!!And this is not normal, of course. Okay, Dr. Adina, okay, a printed result so that I know that you promised and did the tests, really the man, or I will trust how it was done except through a printed or visual print. Here, it is not about everything that has passed. The problem is that you took a sample from the man, assuming that you will do another analysis, and you promised, and it was all a lie, and nothing was done.Is this the trust that is supposed to be in a respectable laboratory?I hope that anyone who replies will lie to me, oh respectable place!!!!!!!
Mohamed Mahmoud Elwakd: Very accurate lab.
Tahya Fouad: Asphalt serviceOne of the worst laboratories in Egypt
zainab hassan: A very bad experience, there was a problem with the analysis, and its result was not correct. I returned the analysis in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health, and it was of course different. I returned to the laboratory and they asked me to re-analyze and withdraw a new sample. Indeed, I returned it, and they promised me to call back after the result appeared, and no one called. On the contrary, I call them and no one answers me, knowing that the analysis is expensive Very accurate for a six year old
Mostafa ElShafei: No credit card payment
Fouad Habashi: Very respectful...our sample couldn't be analyzed, so they refunded us the full amount without any deductions.
Amr Hossam: good place
ayman ansarylab maadi: The best labs in EgyptWithoutcompetitionExcellent
Memo Warawer: Nice and trustable place for medical laboratory tests
Moataz El Badowy: Very clean place,really I like it
Sherif soliman Ghazy: Good lab ... professional staff.... excellent service
Mohamed El Bayoumy: Professional and clean

9. NSA Lab

· 4 reviews

33 El Golf St, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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10. Cairo University

· 1856 reviews

1 شارع الجامعة الجيزة, 12613, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

11. The American University in Cairo

· 1376 reviews

AUC Avenue, Road, 11835, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

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