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Pet Inn (Cat Boarding) Pets Are People Too Egypt Maadi Pet Club Cairo Animal Inn Le Chat Noir Pet Hotel ESMA Cats Shelter محل الطاير Château des Chiots Dodo Pets Inn Vom Cairo Kennel Blue Pet Clinic & Store PETco veterinary hospital

1. Joy Pet Sitter

· 7 reviews

3a Mohammed Haggag, Marouf, Qasr El Nil, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Joy Pet Sitter: what do users think?
ummjana a.g: I do not know him, the place that I know on this site is pets heaven, and it is a place for selling pet supplies, and the way the owner of the place is nice and very respectful
Fairy Thylacine: Conosco questo tipo di posto
Omnia Reyad: The best pet care service ever in home environment

2. Pet Inn (Cat Boarding)



· 2 reviews

عمارات أبو الفتوح، العمرانية الغربية، قسم العمرانية،, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Pet Inn (Cat Boarding): what do users think?
Hanen Haddad: THE BEST boarding place for cats in Cairo and very professional staff with extended network of vets across Cairo.Nermin & MIDO prepared my 3 cats for travel to UK with reasonable fees 50% less than vets.I went through bad experience at other places until my friend referred me to Nermin.I highly recommend their place 👌MIDO you are the best thank you 🙏

3. Pets Are People Too Egypt

· 30 reviews

10, Maadi as Sarayat Al Gharbeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Pets Are People Too Egypt: what do users think?
Lamis Darwish: I called them to ask if they were a shelter or a hotel they replied in a very rude way to the extent that the girl hung up on me while I'm still talking.Rudeness is the word that can describe their attitude.
Mervat Fahmy: Extremely unprofessional staff. The place smells horrendous and is just a large house. Extremely unfit location for dogs.
Jaime Alejandro Betancourt: Mi perrita York shire terrier Pinky que viajo desde Lima Peru a El Cairo para reencontrarse con mi hijo de 12 años fue asesinafa el Lunes 21 de Enero a las 7:15 de la noche en ese lugar llamado Pets are People too en Maadi. La explicacion que nos dieron fue que habia sido a Mistake. No recomiendo para nada ese lugar. Deje a mi perrita a las 5:30 y a las 7:15 ya habia sido asesinada por otro perro mucho mas grande. Ahora estamos emocionalmente destruidos. Veremos que sucede con ese lugar.
maria jose nicholls jimenez: A friend left her little dog for a few hours and due to their negligence they allowed a dog to attack and kill her. Imagine leaving your dog to be taken care of and you come back and it's dead!!!!!!
Jeslee Vega Vargas.: They are not professional, do not leave your pets here our beloved doggy was beaten there by a staff member, what a terrible experience, I am going to report them to the police this kind of thing should not happen.
Vero Lucero: My friend’s dog were killed by another dog, don’t leave your pet here!!!Run!!!
Nikoloz Kereselidze: My dogs love it here. We boarded our babies November 21-30,2022. They love the staff. They took such great care of them and sent me a few pictures during their stay. Very accommodating to give me updates when I would text or call. Wonderful place to board and doggie day care. I want to thank them for their service they provide and the quality of care provided.Special thanks for owner of "Pets Are People Too" Mrs.Amal.AND THANK YOU TO ALL THE STAFF IN YOUR ROLL OF PROVIDING SUCH GREAT SERVICE.I'm highly recommended for all pets owner this amazing place,for your small and best friends.
Raffi Alexanian: A great place to leave your pet for a short travel.
A G: A lovely place to board our pets
thefairysknight: You need to replace the woman who answers the phone urgently!
Linda Shari: First the number here on Google isn't working, so I tried the one from Facebook, the women who answered she talked to rude to us, didn't help us with needed information and in the end she just finished the conversation by saying "bye" by really rude way and then just closed the phone even we wasn't finish talking. So rude. How come this good rate?
Miriam Ibrahim: Critical:Professionalism,QualityWorst experience for us and our dog!!
Maryana Bebawy: Positive:Quality,ReliabilityYou are really the best 3 Thanks Amal & Matthew
Mohamed Hamdoon: sweetest food
Heba Tallah Mohamed Ahmed Mahgoub: Amazing pets hotel! The only place I trust my dogs with.
sherif meki: Not bad
Omar Ahmed: Such heaven for pets
Aisha Ruhia: I just call you to know where the hell is your place to have a look or book an appointment but the rude lady who answered the phone was just unpprofessional n didn't even let finish what I was asking about she just kept saying no you can't come here with your dog no your dog can't use our services n I said ok can we just know where is it exactly cuz we're here now n been looking for it for an hour walking around the area n we just wanna see it from the inside then the very respectful lady answered no sprry you can't come we have a Halloween event! Oh my god lady! We're a potential customers who came looking for your place as it was recommended by other customers of yours!! And we could've attended the Halloween bloody event!
Al fursan Medical: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Responsiveness,Value
IMS COmpany: Positive:Quality,Reliability,Value
Amal Mohammed: Positive:Professionalism,Quality,Reliability,Responsiveness,Value

4. Rafiki Cat Hotel

· 19 reviews

2C2V+6W5, Industrial Area, New Cairo 3, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Rafiki Cat Hotel: what do users think?
Eslam Farouk: good
Ahmed Olele: Beautiful
انس الشنتناوي أنس الشنتناوي: Cats coexist with nature, and this place restricts their freedom. As for people who do not have a family, they are in dire need of such a place and such care.
Mohammed Osman: nice place
Dr mahmoud Abdelaty ahmed: Nice place at night
May Khalil: unfortunatly bad experience ..very painfull
Belqis Aldimshawy: Very kind. They keep rescue animals and they keep animals in clean and tidy enclosures. Only the antiseptic smell is too piercing. Everything else is ok.
Nader A. Gepril: Great boarding place with efficient service
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5. استضافة قطط و كلاب

اغا خان, 4 Tafteesh Al Rai, Asad, El Sahel, Cairo Governorate 11271, Egypt

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6. Maadi Pet Club

· 18 reviews

Villa 11, Street 10,, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Maadi Pet Club: what do users think?
Badr Maher: Bad service
Hebat osama: The worst academy, there is no conscience, and the dog has been rehearsing, they said, a month, give it to me after a month and two weeks, there is no response to any order, even the bathroom, there is no training on it, on the contrary, it got worse and of course, you did not eat their left and then came to the video of the trainer dealing with the way of strangling in training and beating For the animal and take a lot of money, approximately 5000 pounds, God is sufficient for me and He is the best agent
Alaa Ghoniem: A lot of fela and ticks, take care !!
Nabil ElGhamry: Respectful and professional people
ادهم اشرف: I want a dog of any kind
marwa soliman: Is there a haircut for dogs
Essam Farid: Stubbed edut.......?

7. Cairo Animal Inn

· 15 reviews

10 Street 103, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Wasti, Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Cairo Animal Inn: what do users think?
KariM TiKOo: ❤️
Maria Jan: Very unprofessional, my cat stayed there for 4 days..afterwards he was in a horrible shape, he was only fed dry food even tho i specified that he's not used to eating it, and i gave them the food he need for the following 4 days, yet they never fed him any of it. I even gave them a bag of litter they can use for his litter box, i was surprised to discover that even the litter they didn't use neither did they gave it back.
Анна Попова: It's safe and friendly to pets. And they take good care of them
Галина Бердникова (Galchonok): cozy place to keep pets while you are away.nice price, friendly and helpful staff 👍

8. Zoo Frenzy "Pet Clinic"

Teraat Al Gabal, Al Khassah, Hada'iq El Qobbah, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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9. Le Chat Noir Pet Hotel

Ahmed orabi - Rout 2 north - block, Al Qalyubia Governorate 13769, Egypt

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10. Little Paws - Animal Shelter

· 14 reviews

278P+QCC, Al Abageyah, El-Khalifa, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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11. ESMA Cats Shelter

· 203 reviews

Al Mansoureya Rd, Nazlet Al Ashtar, Giza District, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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12. محل الطاير

محمد حسن عمر، المنيرة، إمبابة، الجيزة،, Egypt

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13. Château des Chiots

· 5 reviews

فيلا ٣٦أ مربع ١١٧٠ مساكن شيراتون, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Dodo Pets Inn

· 5 reviews

Saqarah, Badrshein, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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15. Vom Cairo Kennel

· 9 reviews

219, Al Mansoureya Rd, Al Haram, Giza Governorate, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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16. Blue Pet Clinic & Store

١٧ بلوك ١١٦ شارع النبوي المهندس - بجوار وزارة التعليم العالي - حي السفارات, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11787, Egypt

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17. الجزيرة للحيونات الاليفه

· 32 reviews

وكنتاكي مباشره, دعبس جسر السويس القاهره مصر الجديده امام مستشفى الميريلاند, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

18. PETco veterinary hospital

· 6 reviews

15 Hisham labib, Makram Ebeid, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11762, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

19. British dog hotel

· 1 reviews

V6W6+5GV, Abusir, Badrshein, Giza Governorate, Egypt


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