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Bridal Veil Wedding Dresses Glamour Bridal & Evening Wear Loucin Accessories Bianco Vistito Bridal & evening wear Chantelle Bridal Hub The wedding shop Bloom Wedding Dresses & Evening Wear Malton Bridal Wedding Dresses Tiara Bridal Nasr City Branch Pronovias اتليه لولو لاحدت فساتين الزفاف والسواريه Asrar El Banat

1. Bridal Veil Wedding Dresses

· 118 reviews

29 أ شمس الدين الذهبى - ارض الجولف - مصر الجديدة, Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Bridal Veil Wedding Dresses: what do users think?
Basant Ehab: Unprofessional staff and dresses are not clean or organized, I dont recommend this place.
Genageorge992 Zakarya: Fantastic 😍
Yara Emad: مكان فوق الممتاز و التعامل مريح جدًا جدًاكل البنات شاطرين جدًا، هبه ظبطتلي كل حاجه في الفستان تقفيله حلو جدًا جدًا، و ساره مريحه جدًا في التعامل و فرجتني علي كل الفساتين
Lama Tarek Hassan Mohamed Elshetry: Heba and sara are the best at bridal veil, they are very clean and professional. Fast and they make sure that you get what you want exactly. Definitely I recommend them. Thank you so much for all the love i got from you
mariam nady: من احلي و ارقي الاماكن 😍😍 مكان مريح و ال staff ناس بروفشنال و افضل مكان ممكن تروحه العروسه
demiana hanna: The most beautiful and helpful team ever ♥️♥️💋💋Hebaaa ahlaaa wahdaaaa💋💋💋💋Azaa most professional ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ranya Wahid: الناس لذيذة جدا جدا بجد المكان تحفة اوووي وهبة بجد سكره وبتساعد بطريقة حلوه كدا
Mahmoud M. Abdrabouh: غالى جداً وبيضحكو على البنات اكتر بكلام فارغ لان الحاجات ليست جيدا اصلا لانها مستعمله اكتر من مره ومكان سى جدا جدا جدا والخدمه فيه غير كويسه البنات هناك غير محترمه بلمره لانهم بيبعو الهوا للناس وشروط مبالغ فيها والكلام مبالغ فيه جدا ونصيحه لا احد يتعامل معها خالص وده نصيحه للكل البنات لان فيه اماكناحسن فى السعر والخامه والجوده وحاجات فوق المستوه احسن من الى عندهم ماىه مره يارت البنات تاخد.بلها ومتجريش وراء المظاهر الكدبه لانه فى الاخر ضحك على الناس والله خدو بالكم
Noha Zaki: Didn't like the vibes of the place, not welcoming at all this was the main reason I didn't want to buy the dress.
Ahmed Sabry: uncomfortable in every thing
Zozo 12349027: Excellent place, very clean, and they have very beautiful wedding dresses. I recommend all brides to go there
Loubna Hassanin: Very polite staff and helpful.
Khalifa Zidan: amazing
hebatullah hanafy: As very bad, I booked a second use dress, and they told me that as long as I booked it, they have dresses that are rented twice, but not more, and that it is only exposed to people, because if they want to ask for it, first use. Exaggerated for the loose dresses, and they also forced me to come another day, even though they are on vacation at a certain time, in order to catch up and want the dress to be cleaned because they have pressure in the dresses, even though this was not their words when the initial contract and I had to lack time and to avoid losing the amount I paid And I continued with them, but seriously, the worst experience in my life, I regretted my lifetime of dealing with them
Myrna Shehata: Horrible experience! We had an appointment at 7:00 pm and they made us wait for one hour before looking at the dresses. The staff was unprofessional and the dresses were very unclean! Not recommended.
Bassma Farah Nancy: The staff are so unprofessional. They made fun of my idea and they made fun of me as if i were a freak.. I do not recommend this place to anyone!!
Noor El-Tahan: I think shopping for a wedding dress experience couldn't be worse!It was very good at the first visit, but everything after this was a struggle!They are the worst at keeping their timing and appointments organized. I had to go for fitting twice (each time was around 6-9 hours) and the final result wasn't as expected though.The management is rude and not at all nice as long as they got all their money 😁.I don't recommend it at all!
nashaat riad: Means..
Sara Hassan: The crew was not welcoming, reception is very aggressive in their behavior, you have very limited variety based on your choices. It was not a pleasant visit.
Mina Zakhary: Pricy
Amira Saied: ♥♥

2. The Bridal Gallery Egypt



· 1 reviews

8 Al Lasilki, Street, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11435, Egypt

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3. Weaving Grace

· 7 reviews

6 Brazil St, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 11211, Egypt

Address Website
Weaving Grace: what do users think?
Nour El labban: I just can’t buy my dresses any where else
RAM Co-Founder & CEO Ahmed A. El Erian: Great Place. Outstanding products. Super nice interior
Dina Anwar Aziz: Loved the service! - Noor is very welcoming and accommodating
اسلام سليمان: Excavations are still working because the metro and the street are closed
Chelsey Pottinger: Beautiful dresses!
Smsm Wx: cool outfits

4. Glamour Bridal & Evening Wear

· 24 reviews

Mirage Mall, Cairo - Suez Highway, Egypt

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Glamour Bridal & Evening Wear: what do users think?
Rana Wafai: Spa very good .i feel relax
Karen Shendy: Place was not good enough. I had higher expectations for the place but I was disappointed. Also way over priced for the dresses they have.
Asmaa Elrosasy: Overcost
City Queen Permanent Makeup Studio: шикарные платья!
Muhammad Shawqy: Special place for weeding dresses
Menna Elnabalawy: Woow dresses ,, very decent staff ,, high prices
marian mounir: The staff is not professional.With bad attitude

5. Aluras Bridal

· 78 reviews

Downtown Mall Katameya, Building S4, Store 9 90, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Aluras Bridal: what do users think?
حمو الهبيان: not bad
العراقي العبيات: new ideas
Ibrahim Sakr: A masterpiece for businessmen
fares etwigiri: I don't know
At ch: Tama
Rania Fam: Very good but doesn't allow u to take photos with the dress to compare it to others
Hussein Shkra: excellent
Omnia Sabet: A seller abuses the place by not being interested in helping customersBecause of her interest in playing with the mobile, which resulted in us leaving the store without any concern from her
mostafa fawze: Beautiful
Adel Fathy: Everything you need for a bride
احمد حسن عبدالوهاب: I do not know.
mohmed abd Elftah: Good
Reeham MG: Very high qualityNice modelsGreat fabricsHelpful people
Ahmed Al-Noamany: Respectable and clean place.
Mohamed Salah: A place for wedding dresses and allowances
Muhammed Darahim: جيد

6. Loucin Accessories

· 4 reviews

سيتى ستارز, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Loucin Accessories: what do users think?
Kimo Kiko: مكان رائع

7. Bianco Vistito Bridal & evening wear

112 Mostafa El-Nahaas, Al Manteqah Ath Thamenah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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8. Chantelle

· 466 reviews

18 Abdullah Draz street Behind Almaza central, Ard, Al Golf, Cairo Governorate 11775, Egypt

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Chantelle: what do users think?
Jaylan Sherif: Its almost like a flea street shop, tons of dresses packed everywhere and not well cared for and are very dirty.
Hajar Fawzy: The staff there was so friendly and super helpful
Cokka Kishk: Prices are much higher than normal
sherooo herooo: good
Maged Alaa: I was with my fiancée buying the dress from there, and frankly, they treated them with the utmost respect and styleWe liked the dresses very much and bought them.... Thank you, Chantal
Sondous Hassan: A very real taste, especially Madame Jackie ❤️❤️ There is a sense of style and respect. Unfortunately, I did not know how to get a dress for me, but it is very true.
adel sedki: Good but the prices are high and exaggerated
Sultan Adel: Well organized.
Hoda Sady: Exaggerated prices
Mohra2eel Hany: The worst experience ever although their good reputation but they don’t care about people or the appointments. I called to have an appointment and i got one after 3 days , when I went there they didn’t care about my appointment , i waited for 40 mins and then i left . They didn’t care or even talk to me or call me to apologize. I didn’t mean to them .
mona hosseny: The worst possible place for someone to get dresses, the dresses are old and worn out, and they choose for you 3 dresses, which you divide with health according to your money, and you are not allowed to choose something.
Basma Mokhtar: it was the worst experience.First u have to book an appointment otherwise u won't get in, but when u reach there, u have to wait although u have other appointments. they don't let u choose.u just speak ur mind and budget and they choose for u.the girls are so aggressive in attitude and performance. they made the bride fall while fitting.i don't get the point of not shooting photos to compare and decide, this point goes for a lot of shops, but their attitude is so mean.brides are clients and the core of the business, they deserve better attitude but they treated us as if we are addition to all of that, the dresses are in such bad condition.
Engy Nazih: All dresses looks old, badly treated and not clean.. they asked about my price range, once I liked a dress they said it's price is the maximum range I gave them
To2a Ahmiid: A7la tgroba fe 7yatii w a7la madam mona wshima bgd 3mloly kol elly talbto w zeyadaThank you chantelle 😍😍😍
sh k: Best place I've visited Thank you to the best Team shaima w madam mona
dina Hagag: A very respectable place, nice treatment and very good taste, especially Nahla and Soso ❤️❤️🤩
Marina Ehab: حلو اوى و المعامله ممتازه
Maria Bebaoi: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thenk you Chentelle
محمد الجوهري: وماله
Walid M. Shaf3: 👍🏻
معهد مسيو مصطفى الطيرى: Aker is wonderful

9. Bridal Hub

· 1 reviews

29 Shams Al Din Al Zahabi, Al Golf, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

10. The wedding shop

· 49 reviews

90 street, down town mall, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp
The wedding shop: what do users think?
Sara Adel: The policy 🤮
Eileen Dexy: Terrible experience.The staff doesn't understand anything about wedding dresses or sizing.They made me try dresses that was 5 times my size and sold it to me and I didn't even know.Don't trust anything they say about alterations their tailors are a joke made to just sell you the dress since there's no exchange or refund you're stuck with it. Even if it's still at their shop untouched.They ruined my experience, I thought spending this much money I'll find experienced staff but no. It's my mistake I even expected to trust this place.They might have unique dresses but never buy anything that might need 1 cm of alterations because they'll ruin it.
Belal Ramadan: amazing service
Adam Sameh: they got the best dresses in egypt 😊
AHMED FOUAD: One of the best shops in Egypt for prides
Aly Ashraf Abdelkawy: Amazing quality and experience!
aly megz: W
Jossef El-Deeb: Great prices, thanks!!
Hala Essam: Love the store.
Shaimaa Ibrahem: Very respectable place
Menna Rabie: Perfect!!
Sarah Ghetah: The best shop in the world
Nada Bassem: A totally extraordinary experience on all aspects; starting from a very unique and stunning collection of dresses with a very high quality, to a very respectful team and management who are dealing with their customers on a very high professional level 😍 Definitely would recommend it to all my friends 😍
Badriya Hussein: Order delivered internationaly on time, great service.
Hussein Farag: Great hospitality and good prices.
Amina Hussein: Making dreams come true, love you guys 😘😘
Shahd Elrifaie: great store , wonderful experience and competitive prices .
Marwa Abdel wahab: The collection is wonderful, and the dresses were sewn very professionally. I highly recommend, thank you very much
Selma El Rifaie: a7la ma7al fl donia 🤩🤩
اميمة سليمان: Thank your for your patient ❤️ stunning pieces and appropriate price giving that its all imported pieces with European quality ❤️

11. Bloom Wedding Dresses & Evening Wear

· 36 reviews

17 - شارع, Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Malton Bridal Wedding Dresses

· 22 reviews

23 El Gezira El Wosta, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

13. Blush Boutique

· 21 reviews

12311, 9 Lebanon, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

14. Tiara Bridal Nasr City Branch

· 42 reviews

Abou Dawoud Al Zaheri, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

15. Pronovias

· 64 reviews

City Stars Heliopolis Mall, Floor 2, Phase II, Omar Ibn El-Khattab, Masaken Al Mohandesin, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

16. La Perla Bridal Wear

· 8 reviews

السنتر التجاري ، حي الأشجار ، أمام دريم لاند ، الجيزة, 12566, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

17. اتليه لولو لاحدت فساتين الزفاف والسواريه

· 1 reviews

Boutros Ghaly, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

18. Asrar El Banat

· 4 reviews

Hamid Shaarawy, Al Maasarah Al Mahattah, Qesm Helwan, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


19. La Novia Bridal Shop

· 17 reviews

شارع عبد الحميد بدوي بجوار لابوار تقاطع, Ammar Ibn Yasser, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

20. El Nomrosy

· 154 reviews

48 Mostafa El-Nahaas, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

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