Best Babysitting Companies In Cairo Near Me

Care Education Solution Malvern College Egypt

1. CARE International

· 68 reviews

Unnamed Road, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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CARE International: what do users think?
Mahmoud sharaf: middle
Maged Hosny: Creative developers egypt is Algihaz holding office in Egypt.
Ahmed EL-Mekawy: 👌👍👌👍
Ahmed Fathy: The name of the company is Creative Developers Contracting, not Device Holding
Hossam Zawam: One of the best meetings.
Najmaldeen Fras Saad Kwrt: Organization that to help every refugee in Egypt. They are so nice people
Toka Shenishen: The place seems calm..and its location is really front of Maadi City Center..
abdollah salman: Hey cooperating
Mohamed Shamara: منظومة مجتمعية محترفة. بداخلها كوادر مدربة وعلي قدر كبير من الاحترام والزوق
احمد حجاج: Ok
Hello Yazan: منضمه خيريه
Rasha Fathy: اعمال خيرية
Esam Mahmoud: مؤسسه خيريه دوليه
Salah Komi: Not good at all
Shaimaa Hanafy: NGO
Timor Alsied: مؤسسة محترمة
‫الصقر الأبيض (‪Sayed mohamed‬‏)‬‎: مكان جيد
محمد مرسى: هيئة كير الدولية تنمية مجتمعية
Hatem Salah: لا اعرفه
Awsam eltokhy: ممتاز
free zool: Good

2. Care Education Solution



· 10 reviews

30 شارع 26 يوليو خلف دار القضاء العالي القاهرة, 11311, Egypt

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3. Malvern College Egypt

· 65 reviews

B2-B3 South Ring Road, Investment Zone Kattameya, Cairo, Egypt Cairo, 11771, Egypt

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Malvern College Egypt: what do users think?
chris schito: Used to be a good school but now managed by amateurs.
زكي قبوري: كليه مالفيرن حديثه وجميله وموقع مميز
Bulent HARMANCI: Quality of education deteriorating quickly! No teacher classes! Not enough teacher for all subjects! High quality teachers leaving one by one! All because it's managed like a business company NOT A SCHOOL !!!By the parent company!...
Ahmed Effat: مستوى عالي
علي الشرقاوي: ممتازه جدا جدا
Finn: Good college my son Benjamin bingleton IV goes here and he got attacked
Kareem Maher vlogs: very very beautiful
Malak Mostafa Mashhour: Terrible experience. Would never set foot into this place ever again. Disrespectful and disgusting in every way possible.
احمد الشربيني: Ali Al-Rayek 😂
Abdullah Farea: Arabic professor is a masterpiece
Hussein Hafez: Its huge and huge:)
Omar Amgad: This is the best school I have ever went to
Mahmoud Yamani: Well managed.
Karim Sherif: Top-knotch school, thanks to a great management and teachers team
Hany Nageb: مدرسة من أفضل المدارس في مصر تضم نخبة متميزة من أفضل المعلمين المتخصصين في كافة المجالات وبها إدارة حكيمة فادرة على رفع مستوى العاملين بها كما يضم هذا الصرح على أحدث أنماط التعليم في العالم .تمنياتي لهم بدوام النجاح والنوفيق
Mohamed Elgoharey: مدرسة ناجحة بإدارة متميزة تحت إدارة الدكتورة عزة الشربيني ومجموعة من أفضل المدرسينالمتخصصين فهي مدرسة من أفضل المدارس اللي شوفتها في حياتي زتحياتي لكافة العاملين على نجاح هذا الصرح العظيم .
محمد الفيومي: مدرسة ذات مستوى تعليمي متميز جدا وراقي بها إدارة تعليمية ناجحة ومتميزة بقيادة الدكتورة عزة الشربيني مدرسة وهذه المدرسة قادرة على خلق شخصيات ناجحة تكون قادرة على مواجهة تحديات الحياة .
Michael Youssef: Best school in Egypt
Haidy Ghaly: Eat school by far in Egypt
Barwani: its bad trust me azouz
myrna shalaby: Our experience of the college is totally incredible!! Our girl had been improved socially and educationally as well! She can perceive letters and numbers in such a short time! More than professional school!

4. Care International In Egypt

· 1 reviews

Sohag, Al Omraneyah Al Gharbeyah, El Omraniya, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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Care International In Egypt: what do users think?
Helma Sleman: But the numbers are condensed
Tofe Mohmmed: Why do you not respond to the call, how will you help me and support me legally, and the one who is unable to reach you every day, I call repeated calls and there is no response what to do
Mon Tumsah: CARE International is one of the most important bodies working with human rights
Mahmoud Elazoumy: nice place
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5. Egypt Best Properties

· 12 reviews

Building 16 Road 15 Sarayat EL Maadi، Egypt Best Properties Maadi, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11431, Egypt

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Egypt Best Properties: what do users think?
Tarek Hadhod: It is one of the largest and most famous mosques in the 6th of October district, and is linked in the hearts of many people to the lessons that were taught there.
Mohamed Adel: excellent service..
Qatora Ahmed: Seriously Mercy is the largest company in the Middle East in terms of profit
Maha Mohsen: If you want a real estate consultant who understands and has experience, keep the Maadi EBP branch. Thank you very much. I really benefit from your expertise.

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