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1. Compu Care Egypt

· 8 reviews

6 Al Takadom st From Mohamed Mandour St Of Tayaran St Rabaa Sq, El-Adaweya, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Compu Care Egypt: what do users think?
قلبي جمال: Delivery time is very good option when u need IT support. So they are very professional and fast response. Thanks 👍
قناوى شحات: CompuCare Egypt is the best IT company I have seen in my life. Based on my 15 years experience in the market. Thanks 👍👍👍
Sondos Mahmoud: It is very important that you have someone you can rely on in everything related to information and communication technology. With Compu Care Egypt, no one is really disappointed... They give you advice based on your size and needs, and they separate the solutions according to your size.
يوسف باهي: I dealt with them in the attendance and departure applications via mobile. very very nice
اسلام احمد: Good job we got the Sky ERP system from them with a reasonable price and they do all the necessary preparation on the server and network . At the end they are very professionals.
محمد كمال: If you want to make a new network, or to maintain the old one, then I recommend, of course, Compu Care Egypt. They have a team of technicians who understand and know what they are doing.
وليد عصام: The market is full of whims. And to make us tired of them a lot, to the extent that we have nominated Compu Care Egypt. And frankly, to learn professionally and professionally, all engineers at the highest level of experience. thank you so much
ساره محمد: Is it possible that there is a service with such beauty and craftsmanship and at these prices... Honestly, may God bless you and increase you.
Om Yousef: Indeed, they say that I live for a baker... Since the moment I entered our company, people have done everything for us at excellent prices. They set the network and got us imported equipment at an excellent price, and they also put us in a respectable system to work on... and all of this, and they also made a maintenance and follow-up contract with us. They come once a week to do all that is required and more.. and they have emergency visits for what we need as well. I recommend them to all my friends.
Hussein Salah: بيهتموا جدا بالتطوير و دائما بيخلونا علي طول مواكبين التكنولوجية الحديثة.شكر خاص لفريق الدعم الفني و التركيبات .
خميس دومه: More than professional.
Hany Elfeel: We have our website and email from them they are very fast response and professional
Abo Rahem: فريق المبيعات فعلا ممتاز . لما بتحتاج حاجة علي طول بيعرفوا يوفروها بسعر ممتاز. ربنا يباركلهم
امينه زعفان: They have very good ticketing system and support solutions. The best IT outsource and support company 😉
شهد محمد مبروك عيسى: Very professional in the network solutions.
ahmed ale: شغلنا معاهم سيستم ال حماية و الامان بالفاير وول و ربطنا الشركة بكل فروعها و كمان اخدنا من عندهم سيستم الحضور و الانصراف و شؤون العاملين. ناس محترمة جدا. شكرا ليكم علي تعاونكم معنا. الدعم كمان و خدمة ما بعد البيع منتهي الروعه.
ahmed ashoyr: We are using the remote support services from them they are very professional and have a very good ticketing system. With fast response. I will recommend them for all my friends 🙂
Samira Samir: كان عندنا سيستم كاميرات و كان علي طول فيه مشاكل ... حاولنا كتير مع فنيين و كهربائية بس بصراحة لما اتعاملنا معاهم ركبوا سيستم جديد ممتاز و بسعر ممتاز طبعا بنصح اي حد عاوز كاميرات مراقبه يتعامل معاهم .
عادل عبد الحكيم الخلايله: شغالين معاهم في خدمات الدعم الفني و الاستشارات التكنولوجية من اكتر من ٥ سنين و بصراحة الفريق كله محترم و ممتازين في التعامل و فاهمين شغلهم كويس جدا و بيطوروا من أداء العمل اول باول.
أحمد معوض المغربى: We got out VoIP solution of our Call center from them they are very professional and very qualified 👌👌👌
RERE MODY: Our company had a lot of problems in the network and the IT room. You did not know how to approach it from cutting the wires, and no one knows what these wires are or where they are going... Frankly, they did an inspection and said that they would demolish the entire room and re-install it.. But it is necessary on a day off. Because there are no employees... We said OK, and we were worried that they wouldn't catch up... Frankly, when they worked, they had a team at the highest technical level and they returned everything better than the first, and they worked out a numbering and organizing system for the owners... No one is honest with us What he saw... frankly, respectable, committed, and understanding people are what they should do.

2. Nile ICT



· 15 reviews

New Maadi،, 23 Palestine St, El-Basatin Sharkeya, El Basatin, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Nile ICT: what do users think?
Mo. Aly: ممتاز
محمود ممم: Media Production City, Sixth of October City
mohamed hosni: FTTX

3. JRM For Communications

· 17 reviews

Abd El-Aziz Eissa, Al Asherah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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JRM For Communications: what do users think?
Ahmed Medo: Perfect place to get smart ideas, solutions and more.
mostafa badr: A leading company in the field of wired and wireless communications, corporate servers and networks
Kemo Kono: شركة ممتازه جدا اعلي مستوى في كل شيء

4. FiberME | Middle East for Communication Services

· 14 reviews

Commercial Area, 43, Cairo Governorate 11865, Egypt

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FiberME | Middle East for Communication Services: what do users think?
shams emad: Very bad dealings .. After completing the sale process, there is no assistance or maintenance ... The customer only has an interest ... And they do not have any experience in dealing with the customer's requirements ... Sorry for dealing with them ...
Mohammed Dabour: Interesting experience
Ahmed Hwary: Very professional. My business is in USA and I use FiberMe for remote technical support. They save me money and time by using their remote support. FiberMe I thank you for your ongoing service.
Ashraf Ali: Worst company ever, Worst management ever, they don't know what exactly the're doing, not professional at all, very hesitating company, Comparing to there prices, they're ridiculous .I regretted deal with them.

5. Milestones for technology

· 4 reviews

Gamal Abdel Nasser, Industrial Area, New Cairo 3, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Milestones for technology: what do users think?
Ahmed Samy: لا بأس به
ahmed khalel: Good
Dina Alsayed: Excellent
Mohamed Ezzeldin: Like
Mohamed Nagib: Outstanding

6. Specialists

19 Meret Basha, Ghayt Al Adah, El Mosky, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt


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