Best Acute Pancreatitis Specialists Cairo Near Me

عيادة مصر - مركز علاج أورام و زراعة الكبد Elotc Alfa Cure Center Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University The American University in Cairo Al Azhar University Ain Shams University

1. Roeya Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center

· 2 reviews

Rofayda Health Park 27 Crazy Water Axis, Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt

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2. Dr. Sameh Mohamed Ghaly



· 0 reviews

Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


3. عيادة مصر - مركز علاج أورام و زراعة الكبد Elotc

· 17 reviews

82 السيد الميرغني،, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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عيادة مصر - مركز علاج أورام و زراعة الكبد Elotc: what do users think?
Mohamed Said: The highest respect and appreciation. May God bless you and the crew with him inside the Specialized Air Force, with success, God willing
HESHAM ATTAIA: One of the best doctors I have dealt with in knowledge and morals. His interest in the patient is extraordinary, especially those who are financially unable to direct them to government hospitals and under his supervision. May God bless him and benefit people with his knowledge.
خالد أحمد صالح العميسي: I gave him 4 stars, and God willing, we will visit him next Sunday and see whether we can give a star or take a star away
Ronî Gedo: A summit in good dealings, a summit in humility, the tongue is incapable of expression, Dr. Amr Abdel Aal and his respected medical staff at the Air Specialized Hospital are among the best liver transplant teams in the world according to my appreciation and experience, after suffering, suffering and torment and after we lost our way to bring My father, who suffers from cirrhosis of the liver, is from Syria to Germany, where I am residing for a liver transplant. A friend suggested that we travel to Egypt or Iran, and of course, travel to Egypt was approved for ease of communication in Arabic. I searched on the Internet for Egyptian doctors and surgeons and the choice fell on the professor Dr. Amr Abdel Aal, we traveled to Cairo “my father and mother are from Syria and I am from Germany.” After conducting the tests, Dr. Amr assured us that my father needed a transplant as soon as possible because his health condition was deteriorating markedly day after day and he suffers from frequent hepatic comas And of course, thanks to God and the medical staff specialized in diseases and liver transplantation at the Specialized Air Hospital, and their skill in their work exceeded my father’s coma every time. We suffered a lot to obtain a license from the Ministry of Health to perform the operation, as we are foreigners and not Egyptians N "the patient and the donor" until Dr. Amr personally intervened to help obtain the license because my father was in his last days without exaggeration.The operation was carried out in the Air Specialty Hospital with success. Finally, my father passed the danger stage, he began to recover his memory little by little. We went back to the house. My father began to recover. He is in excellent health. The donor lives in a normal condition like any normal human being. We were happy, we cried, we hugged, all my relatives are in Syria They were happy, everyone loved the giant veteran doctor Dr. Abdel Aal and his medical team, he brought joy to our hearts that had lost the taste of life, we decided to celebrate my father's birthday from that day as his new birthday,My tongue is unable to express the praise of the medical and nursing staff and their elegant treatment with us.Peace and my love to them one by oneThank you, Dr. Amr Abdel AalThank you Dr. Amr El-FoulyThank you Dr. Khaled NasrThank you, Dr. Mohamed El-MesiniThank you, Dr. Ahmed NoshyThank you, Dr. GeorgeThank you, Dr. Mohamedthank you all
amr elashry: One of the best doctors in the Arab and European world
ESS Y: Excellent doctor
AGM: His shift is on Sundays and Wednesdays from 5 to 7, a reception period, and after 7 the doctor comes and enters the roleHigh morals, thanks to the doctorIts price is very reasonableGod will heal everyone, God willing
سليمان الموس الموس: May God bless you, the best doctor
Alaa Osama: One of the best doctors I have seen in my life, and he is the second reason after our Lord that I am living with him until now.
حسام وافي: Very respectful
Baher Daihom: Undisciplined, does not give you the right to answer questions.. He cares very much about material matters before anything else.
mohamed khaled: Excellent doctor, high morals, humility, class and respect
Amr Fantom: Respected doctor

4. Dr. Hesham Samy Abdel Fattah

· 7 reviews

99 ش السباق, El-Bostan, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Hesham Samy Abdel Fattah: what do users think?
Aalaa Omar: One of the smartest and best internists in Egypt is a very respected and honest doctor
Ahmad Qenawi: good doctor
Kareem El Sherbiny: They don't sell their products hand to hand you've to purchase and wait 48 hours for delivery at their office

5. Alfa Cure Center

· 9 reviews

116 El Nozha St., El-Nozha, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Alfa Cure Center: what do users think?
Mostafa Abdelaziz: The worst center and poor service, and there is no system and doses without studying or reviewing the patient’s condition, and it led to a shortage of blood components, atrial flutter in the heart, and weakness of the heart muscle. God suffices me, and He is the best disposer of affairs.
Mido Kh: A very nice system, but the secretariat needs some system
Hany Salh: An organized center and the whole group. Thank you, Dr. Hisham Al-Ghazaly
Mahmoud Okasha: Excellent center and excellent service and administrative level
Walid Yahia: I work in this place
amr elbashouty: Today We had visit on 1:30 am the center closed without any announcing to patients, very bad attidute and not accepted.
Ashraf Elsharif: Well educated personal and highly professional consultant.
Miray Adel Emil: People are very nice and the place is very clean
Ahmed Mohamed: Clinic of dr. Hesham el ghazaly one of the top best oncologists in the middle East
Tamer Wasfy: Although it was my first visit accompanying some family members, the clinic seemed professional and organized with several positive references from other patients.

6. Sama Clinic

· 5 reviews

El-Nasr Rd, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Sama Clinic: what do users think?
Islam Abd Elmonem: Dr. Nasr Hafez, may God bless him and grant him good healthI swear to God, a respectable human being, God made you a reason to heal many, may God bless your children and reward you with all the best
Hossamorl Aaziz: Excellent professors and consultants in almost all specialities..hearing test is available. Laboratory room for sample collection. Medical records for all the patients.
amany belal: A good clinic

7. Specialists

19 Meret Basha, Ghayt Al Adah, El Mosky, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt


8. Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University

· 1261 reviews

Ramsis Street Square, Egypt

Address Website
Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University: what do users think?
Abobker sangak: The College of Medicine is one of the most powerful medical colleges in the world, distinguished by its stature and ancient history
Mohammad Nabih: If you are going to obtain a certificate, you must register online before it on the university’s website, because postgraduate studies are underground and there is no network there.
Sherif Gawdat: One of the best types of education in Egypt
Hany Hussein: Excellent
Kamona Heshmat: Good
د. بلال منير: Cool staff and an organized and clean university
ابوريتاج صالح: الله المستعان
Ahmed Mohamed: Nice place
Hamza Mohammad: Belive me guys its a trap dont come to this university they will drain your soul and mind.
الدكتورة رنا عزقلان: You deserve it
Hossam Ashraf: Wonderful placr
Ahmed Ramadan: いいね
wolf walls: Only fir students. It's a heaven
Hady Mohamed: The best medical college in Egypt
المايسترو إبراهيم حامد: global place
Samar Ibrahim: Ain Shams University Hospitals, Ain Shams College of Medicine and an Egyptian Medical Research Center offer courses and conferences in the medical and scientific fields
Suliman Ahmed: One of the best universities in Egypt and Middle East for post and undergraduate programmes, I loved the latte, find it in the cafeteria on the left corner of the faculty!
محمد مطر: It is still under renewal and development for the better, God willing
Sherif: The college is very nice, especially the students, and frankly, I don't know anything about it

9. The American University in Cairo

· 1475 reviews

AUC Avenue, Road, 11835, Egypt

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The American University in Cairo: what do users think?
marwa mostafa: It is beautiful, its location is beautiful, and the people inside are very respectful, and it is wider and larger than what is in Tahrir
Mahmoud Soliman: The best ever🇺🇲
Ahmed Eman: Very beautiful
فلوجاوي Vlogawy: in the American University in Cairo (AUC
Luis Carlos Sanchez: Beautiful campus
Ahmed Mahmoud: The staff called Mona Amer at the psychology department is a harasser, and harasses and cyberbullies those who sent an inquiring email to the psychology department.Not only that, but she defamed a mental health patient using a Facebook group she owns, and this is illegal, unethical and unacceptable. And this defamation has been noted and saved for legal purposes.This person is highly not recommended, and is a harasser and it is great that she was removed from being the head of the psychology department.This person should treat students with respect and the support needed, instead of harassing them and defaming them and trying to provoke and annoy them, and she should seek mental health help herself for her mental issues.An employee named Mona Amer in the Department of Psychology is a harasser, harasser, and cyberbully who sent an email inquiring to the Department of Psychology.Not only that, but she defamed a mental patient by using a Facebook group, which is illegal, immoral and unacceptable. This defamation has been noted and filed for legal purposes.This person comes highly unrecommended, and it's great that she's excluded from the position of Chair of the Department of Psychology.This person should treat the students with the respect and support required, instead of harassing, defaming, trying to provoke and annoy them, and she should seek mental health help herself for her mental problems.
DIFFERENT TV: مصنع العبقرية في مصر والوطن العربي
sherif galal: A wonderful Campus with great landscape and interior
Islam Elgamal: Excellent, perfectly organized place
مي عماد عبد الكريم: Wonderful campus one of the best universities i ever entered
Hamza Hayah: fantastic place
Sameh Hagras: What an amazing event is the NILETESOL 2023
joo tube: Very beautiful university
Med: Good place with good facilities and helpful staff
asma ramadan: Veiled women are allowed to enterThere is a place for prayerBathrooms in most placesDrinks and meals are expensiveThe halls are very far from each otherLate hours allowedLibraries, gym, playgrounds and other sports area are availableThe tour guide is available in most placesMost of the lecturers are excellent
Mahmoud Elshamy: It was amazing 🤩
Khaled Al ashmway: very wonderful
Dr-Tarek Elewah: ممتاز
Abubakar Sadiq Ja'afar: Best school in cairo

10. Al Azhar University

· 566 reviews

15 Mohammed Abdou, El-Darb El-Ahmar, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Ain Shams University

· 427 reviews

الخليفة المأمون, Al Obour, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp

12. Dr. Ashraf Abou Bakr

226 ش الجيش, عباسية, Bab El Sharia, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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