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Saudi German Hospital Cairo المستشفي السعودي الألماني القاهرة Ein El Hayah Hospital Rehab medical center Dr. Hala Wadie Sorial Dr. Hanan Mohamed Ibrahim Ain Shams University

1. Chest and Pulmonology

· 0 reviews

Gesr Al Suez, Huckstep, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


2. Saudi German Hospital Cairo المستشفي السعودي الألماني القاهرة



· 899 reviews

Taha Hussein Rd, Huckstep, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Saudi German Hospital Cairo المستشفي السعودي الألماني القاهرة: what do users think?
Amira El-Amir: Very reckless about patient. I had an extreme stomach ache, went to the ER and the doctor did’t even bother actually check on my case, just asked few questions and prescribed my condition wrongly which affected my case further. Waste of time and money over there. Super disappointed from the health care provided. Not even near a hospital!
Zizo law.firm: It is a respectable hospital and the people in it are well-mannered, but it is extremely expensive
ayman alakly: An excellent hospital, specialized staff, cleanliness, and an international system according to international standards of quality and ISO.Delay in some services such as laboratory, nursing and scouting departments.. The level of general services is excellent and high.. 🌹
محمد رجب: Super excellent placeplace. It's all system
كنزي فريده: The best pediatric doctors are Dr. Muhammad Al-Adawy and Dr. Sondos, for my children and my nephewsI cannot find words to describe my gratitude to the best and best orthopedic doctor, Dr. Adel Al-Hawary. I performed a closed-replacement operation for my son after I could not imagine that he would live after falling from the third floor. All my hope was that he would live. 3.5 years old, praise be to God, may God make him the reason for my son to walk on his feet again after I was losing hope and my ultimate ambition was to live.
Yasser Mohammed: One of the cleanest and most organized hospitals in Egypt.
Mohammed Saber: The hospital was good, but it turned into a routine hospital. There is no competence in the nursing staff, the medical staff, or the rules or consideration of the patient's right.The goal is the general and virtual form only, without clarifying the rules and laws related to reservation. If you miss your appointment, you have to wait endlessly.. without a specific system, just waiting for a patient’s appointment to be canceled, as if the missed appointment did not take advantage of the doctor’s shadow waiting..a ridiculous and unfortunate thing..and who put Unfortunately, the rules for booking clinics do not know anything about the system. The hospital's goal now is to make money only. It has been turned into a routine hospital.
Sara Amin: An organized and clean hospital, and the pediatrician who was present at the emergency room when we went was wonderful
Dr.Marina Gerges: Some doctors there are completely disrespectful and rude to the patients especially doctor gynecologist Ahmed Amin I wanted to do sonar to check for my loop, the loop was inserted by another doctor not him but my doc was outside the country nd he told me that he will make a vaginal sonar although he could done it abdominal but he didn't and as he moved my loop from its position by instrument I don't know it's name I told him to stop and shouted then he said ok done ur loop is out of the place and can't be removed out of it's position you have to remove it by surgery, then he said u have to come reserve nd pay for this surgery day and i couldbe dismissed at the same day, of course I didn't believed him as I know what happened he was just wanted money 💰💰 no matter as a result I got pregnant after 3 months wasn't expeced as this was my third time pregnancy because of his dishonesty and disciplines and another bad experience in the internal medicine sector nurse and doctor can’t remember his name he is so unrespectful I don't remember her name but she left me without callin my name although the my name was on the computer nd it was my turn she came nd said to me no u r not allowed to come in instead nd she called other name someone else after that I found the doctor is coming out nd I entered he was going to check something in the other side at the second floor nd leave the patient awaiting for him during his clinic working hours I told him no it's my turn and I am so tired from waiting plus I was standing up holding my toddler as I just wantedto comfort my self but at first was he behaved in a bad manner and showed lack of empathy and disrespectful way really some doctor and nurse there are not well educated about manners in addition they lack slot of information and knowledge about both medicine and they need to know how to respect nd treat patients
Dr AbdelAziz Habib: A decent hospital, but the pharmacy services are slow and very bad
Ahmed Tareq: The best hospital in the town
Tarek Gharib: They have some doctors in Al-Diyaa, especially dermatologistsWrong diagnosis, wrong treatment and grotesque material exploitationDeliberate directing to conduct examinations and analyzes that are of no benefit to the patient, but for their financial benefit
Дарина Ратникова: I’m here to inform you that doctors don’t know anything about medicine there, the whole system works just to drain your money!I came to this hospital with hard case of chemical hive, and dermatologist instead of making IgE test for allergy, asked me to make general blood test and CRP. Also, she was not listening to my story and what happened to me, she was making assumptions like - this is from hygiene tampons or a bug bitten you, despite the fact I said clear it’s from levothyroxine medicines which I recently was taking. So she subscribed me 2 antihistamines and cream, despite my case required immediate injection of prednisolone.Next day I felt worse, when we came again she started create another assumptions like - this is scarlet fever, this is bacterial infection.I was literally crying from skin edema. So instead of giving prednisolone injection she sent me to pass bacterial culture ( and seems to wait until I die). My CRP test was 143 instead of max 5. So when we went to pass this blood and bacterial test again she run to us and said actually your case is very serious go to emergency.There, they were very slow, making another pointless assumptions. They put me in the hospital for 1 day made me pay 15 thousands EGP as deposit for 2 days.Not listening to me they said - you have bacterial infection, we don’t know which one we will made blood culture and give you antibiotics and corticosteroids (finally), especially with the fact that my skin was not red - it was already purple!No one listened that I have high TSH and I was taking levothyroxine and even in instruction it’s written that it may cause hive.They brought me another dermatologist and endocrinologist.Meanwhile I was waiting for any treatment for 5 hours And this is emergency!After corticosteroids I felt better and next day I run away from this terrible place. They subscribe me antibiotics for a week, and on 5th day I got my blood results showing - there was no any bacterial infection.For all of this mistreatments and pointless doctors who benefit nothing to me they took 15.7k EGP. And here we don’t even count another 800 egp of first dermatologist who was doing nothing but being 101% unprofessional.If you want experience of being on edge of death with your own money - welcome to SGH.
Mohamed Abdelhady: مستشفى على أعلى مستوى
Mahmoud Akel: Very clean and organized.Liked the commitment of security staff in controlling visitors.Very professional staff.
Amar Salah: مستشفي بها اهمال علي الرغم من غلاء اسعارها المرتفع برجاء المحافظة علي التعامل مع الاشخاص والمرضي واصحاب الاعقات
Ahmed Mamdouh: الدكاترة ونظام الحجز رائع ويوجد سهولة فى رمضان يوجد شوية تأخير مفيش إجراءات حتم قبل الساعة ثمانية ويوجد تكدس
Hossam Rasslan: This hospital is very huge building contains a massive amount of clinics which are very clean comfort and their doctors are kind and cares so much on patients. Incredibly nice hospital.
Maryanna Wassef: My uncle was admitted here and never made it back out. They misdiagnosed him with Covid. He was in ICU for his final days and every doctor that came in only wanted money before any further testing could have been done. Pointless tests were done. On his last day they were taking him through a crowded waiting area for a CT Scan and everyone knew he didn’t have much time left. Do NOT bring your loved one here if you’re not prepared to pay upfront or watch them go through countless pointless tests because they are money hungry.
محمد حمدى: Good high level
laialy mody: You will be cured, God willingBut you will pay too much 😂

3. Ein El Hayah Hospital

· 83 reviews

16 El Nasr St., EL NOZHA EL GADIDA, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Ein El Hayah Hospital: what do users think?
Ahmed Ali: Good hospital with high price
CASG 91: Honestly the entire staff was top notch and extremely professional and efficient.
Ayman Emad: Excellent hospital and doctors at the highest level💙💙💙💙💙
mostafa Aboubakr: Exceptional Service
Nareman Medhat: I thank all the staff, starting from the reception, to the hospital administration, for the good interviewAnd special thanks to all the medical staff,, who dealt with me during my sleeve gastrectomyThe service is excellent, and the hospital is beautiful.
أنا بوحه: A very beautiful place. A caesarean section was performed. All the staff are wonderful. The service is excellent. The hospital is clean and the room is beautiful. Thank you to all the staff of Ain Al-Hayat.
Dalia Princess: A very beautiful hospital, and a special thanks to me, the hospital administration and the full care and care of my father during his tiredness and his safe exit from the hospital
Alking Kero: I thank the medical staff for cooperating with us and for the cleanliness of the placeI thank the nursing staff for their concern ♥️
Ahmed Mohamed: Thank you very much
Samra Atia: I would like to thank the medical staff for taking care of the patients, and the management for the cooperation, the cleanliness of the hospital, and the good reception
خالدs Salah: Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Rami Nakhleh in the gastrointestinal endoscopy unit. All thanks to him and his assistants, especially Miss Kawthar, for his professionalism, morals, honesty and integrity. As Dr. Rami promised me, the endoscopy was performed smoothly and without pain. My condition was diagnosed and everything necessary was done for my treatment. And always when we think of you ❤️❤️
Abero 1: Worse hospital everthe nurses they treat the ‏patient so badly
Bilal Alam: A very bad place and treatment is rubbish, a hospital that needs a hospital in the first place
Ihab Mikhail: Very expensive, their goal is to get money
Hany El Sherbiny: I did a scenery operation, thank God, everything was fine, Dr. Amr Hamed, and the nursing was fine
كوميديا على الميديا: My participation was very interesting
Mahmoud Yousef: good
Ola Ammar: The nurses are so helpful and friendly..
Hesham Abdo: Hospital has all the specialties with the reception of Touareg and teams from the distinctive doctors with good manners and nursing
Wael Bakr: Death Hospital Advice to anyone who does operations in which the operating rooms are dirty and I am booked there now they did a wrong operation for me and entered me 3 operations in 6 days as a result of a medical error
Ahmd Tarek: Very bad placeExpensive emergencies, equipment, management and very poor staff

4. Dr. Ashraf Mokhtar Madkour

· 16 reviews

26WR+R59, Bab Al Louq, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Ashraf Mokhtar Madkour: what do users think?
Ahmad Atef: Wonderful and very experienced doctor
فتحى محمد عبدالسلام: The best doctor, and may God increase your knowledge
Reham Ahmed: One of the most respected doctors and very, very smartHe follows the case at length, and it is rare when a doctor responds to the patientThe doctor is honestly beyond excellent
ياسر بغدادي: The first in its field
Ahmed Bogy: Dr. Ashraf.. my sister revealed to you and you referred her to Dr. Heba who works for Menzar.. because I was doubtful about the presence of tuberculosis and the analysis was coming out after two months, and you referred her to Dr. Heba to complete the treatment with her. You go to the Abbasid Chest Hospital so that they can write you a treatment for tuberculosis, and after the treatment is tied to her, the chest hospital is not satisfied, you act and they want to book her..
Mohamed Madkour: Best Dr. In Egypt

5. Rehab medical center

· 5 reviews

Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Rehab medical center: what do users think?
radwa eissa: Best medical service in rehab
Sherif Hesen: It's nice to have a place like this inside Al-Rehab City 🌹
Niveen S. Salah: Excellent place, especially Dr. Mamdouh, orthopedist ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mohga Essam: It might be smaller than most well known hospitals, but the doctors and medical staff are truly experienced and on top of things. They are also always available to assist or answer any questions you have in case of having a patient staying with them.
Hamoda Alwayssi: This is a very reckless medical center. Their hygiene is extremely difficult. No matter how much I speak, I will not be able to reach you. I do not advise anyone at all. This center should be closed. Where is the Ministry of Health on this issue? I will know how to reach the officials.
Johannes E. Schumacher: Very friendly staff and professional services.
Fatima Mohammed Umar (Altyne): Thé best Dentist in Egypt and her assistant work here👍🏼👍🏼💝
Magdy Abu glory: The center is good and close to the banking area in Al-Rehab, and it has many clinics and specialties
Elfatih Rustom: Multiple medical care facilities & specialized medical consultants..
هفيدك Haafedk: Your channel on Youtube
Elsayed Abouelryat: Good only for mild cases
Wad8 Livr: bad
Ahmed ElSherif: One of the best medical centers in Rehab
Mohammed Saleem: Poor service in dealing
Mizo Elnabawy: The hospital is very poor in terms of hygiene and service, and the nurse is playing on the mobile phone and is very neglectful. The doctor in the emergency room, Mohamed Abdo, was excellent
رائد للجارحي للسوفت وير: Beautiful
Ahmed Sobhy: The place is very crowded and the organization is weak.. Not all specialties are available
Doctor Private: Indeed, it is a trustworthy laboratory, and despite its excellence in accuracy, it also provides a distinguished service at a truly special price
Amin Salih: very expensive
El_ Sayed Adel: Good place

6. Egyptian Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery

330 Sudan St, Abd El-Naeem, Imbaba, Giza Governorate 12651, Egypt

Address Website
Egyptian Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery: what do users think?
Ahmed Badr: مش فاهم ازاى نوصلهم(Translated by Google

7. Dr. Hala Wadie Sorial

· 36 reviews

174 El-Nozha, st, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

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Dr. Hala Wadie Sorial: what do users think?
Josephine Gamil: Dr. Hala is an excellent , honest and very well experienced doctor , I’ve been visiting so many doctors , but finally when I knew Dr. Hala, i realized that I found what i was searching for.
fady fares: Very nice clinic and professional doctor.We have been following up with her since the baby was born.Highly recommended.
zaki shohdy: Professional services
Omnia Fayed: A good listener and good attitude and effective medicine
Marina Farag: Highly recommended ❤️❤️ the best dr ever ❤️❤️ have been together for more than 5 years ❤️❤️ very helpful ❤️❤️
Amira Seryan: Really, the smartest pediatrician is always dealing with really difficult cases. May God bless her and protect her from all evil ❤️
Merna Nashaat: Dr Hala is a very good doctor she is really excellent also The staff is very helpful and organized
Lydia Abdo: Doctor Hala is my two daughter's pediatrician since they were babies and i need to say that i am so lucky to know her as a doctor and as a person.She is so professional and expertise. She gives each patients its time and listens to every detail with her beautiful smile on her face :)My kids loves her and i feel safe every time i go to her knowing that my kids will feel better afterwards 🙏😍 I definitely recommend her 👍
Andrew Samir: Very good doctor with great experience
Achraf Assal: Very professional and helpful pediatrician.
Sarah Kamel: She is the best doctor ever, Very helpful, kind and more than professional .. .. 5 years with our daughter
Bavly Farag: The doctor is very, very smart, and the place is very moving
osha komy: Dr hala is very professional doctor she’s the best
Mohamed Ahmed Abdelrahman Soliman: Best of the best, 6 years with our daughterVery Professional, sooooo kind and helpful, doing her best to reply to all of our messages all the time, she is fantastic and optimistic ❤️❤️
Medhat Kamal: Excellent pediatrician
Nardin Nasr: Dr. Hala is one of the best doctors in dealing with her personally before medically, because she really deals with children very excellent treatment in terms of child nutrition and the child’s health condition in fatigue in terms of treatment and her characteristics. Treatment Until the child goes to the clinic, you don't hesitate to help, you hear very well about the child's condition, and you start the same treatment as if there was an officer, nothing changed.Very Merci, Doctor, for your very, very excellent treatment with us and with my children.
Osama fouad: Dr. Hala is one of the best doctors in diagnosing the child’s condition, in addition to not resorting to the use of antibiotics except in the case of cruelty, in addition to his interest in nutrition, following up on the progress of the child’s growth, and the speed of response to any inquiry at any time.This is my experience with the doctor in the case of my children, Mercy, Dr. Hala
mariam adolphe: The best pediatrician in town 👌 she is very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for always being there and for your great care ❤️
Mina Shawky: Best pediatrician everDealing with her for more than 6 years and she really deserves all the appreciation
Alice S: A doctor who is more than excellent, takes care of children and is very comfortable in dealing
USAMA ROUF: Seriously, she is a wonderful doctor for pediatrics and children are very much needed by her, and for her the issue of nutrition is very important and she gives the children the appropriate weight for their age.Commitment to appointments and setting the date of the examination in advance so as not to waste time

8. Dr. Hanan Mohamed Ibrahim

58 ش روض الفرج, Al Mabyadah, Rod El Farag, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address WhatsApp

9. Specialists

19 Meret Basha, Ghayt Al Adah, El Mosky, Cairo Governorate 11111, Egypt


10. Ain Shams University

· 427 reviews

الخليفة المأمون, Al Obour, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt

Address Website WhatsApp
Ain Shams University: what do users think?
omar Ahmed: A wonderful and beautiful place that helps students to study
Samer Habash: Ain Shams University, which is referred to as ASU, is a public university located in Cairo, the third oldest Egyptian university, and one of the most prestigious Arab universities. It was established in 1950 under the name of Ibrahim Pasha University.Returning to the history of the university, it is worth noting that after the July 1952 revolution, a proposal was made for Egyptian universities to bear names that reflect the historical monuments in the country, until the name of Ain Shams University was changed from “Heliopolis” University to its current name.We mention here that “Ain Shams” is the Arabic translation of the word “Heliopolis”, which was one of the oldest universities in history, as it was founded about 5,000 years ago and was widely known and a castle of knowledge and learning, specifically in the fields of astronomy, engineering and medicine. As Imhotep was "the first architect in history," one of the most famous teachers there.
امل عبد الحيم: It includes many disciplines
Ahmed Dawa: my university This is the main campus of the university. It contains the faculties of Arts, Sciences, Law, Computers and Information. The Faculty of Mass Communication and the Faculty of Archeology will be established. It contains the Saffron Palace, which is the place where the President of the University is located. The university administration building is located on the other side of the road. There are other faculties such as commerce, dentistry, and others, and the rest of the faculties are in separate areas. From Cairo. Student affairs and administration deal with a large, routine bureaucracy that makes things difficult for you
مصطفي احمد محمد امام: The highest certificate in Egypt
محمد ميدو: The ancient Ain Shams University
Ahmed “klevy”: Average university I will give it a solid 6.5 out of 10
mohamed fadel: educational place
ساره عبد المسيح: My sweet university ♥️
EMAN MOHAMED: Very beautiful
Ahmed Attya: Needs more attention
محمد زاهر ظهرك بالك: May God grant me a share in it, Lord of the worlds ♥️
Mahmoud Azzam44: My university❤️
سيد كامل: excellent university
Burhan Ul Qadir: Nice Place and well organized..
mahmoud mekawy: A beautiful community
Saher Nabil: I am a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and it was the happiest of days
mohamed enpaby: Campus
hussein deeb: amazing
Masterpieces 97: Ain Shams University, as the third Egyptian university, was founded in July 1950 under the name of 'Ibrahim Pasha University'. It participated with the two earlier universities, 'Cairo University' (Fua'd the 1st ) and 'Alexandria University' (Farouk the 1st) in fulfilling the message of universities and meeting the increasing demand of youth for higher education. When it was first established, Ain Shams University comprised a number of distinguished faculties and academic institutes, which were later developed into university.
Mohamed Samielganzory: The best educational and systematic university in the world

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